About The Snowy Barrens Trilogy #1 – The Blood Is Strong

When a seemingly harmless dispute between youths within the tribe ends in tragedy at their Rites of Passage, the Snowy Barrens Tribe finds themselves divided and without compromise. Three splinter groups result: the Tribe of the Wolf, the Tribe of the Bear, and the Tribe of the Owl. With the threat of possible monsters overshadowing them and the loss of their strength in numbers, how will they survive?
The first in a three part/three generation tale, this YA tribal dark fantasy will whisk you away to a different world and a different time, where you get to be a part of the adventure that shaped a people and their ways.

“These are amazing and awesome and wonderful! I wish there were more. I found it incredibly enjoyable. There were no spots where I was almost wishing it would hurry up. I have a few series where there are spots that I just want the story to move forward. This one caught me up and kept me totally enthralled right to the last word. Once the right publisher, editor, promoter gets their hands on this you are going to be on the bestseller’s list.”
-Lauri Brazen

“This is a fantastic read. I can well imagine this story being told generations before… could even be your ancestors who might have done the telling! 🙂 I have told Chantal when she first wrote the story; I believed THIS is her money maker. It’s an incredible story of community, despair, hope and rebirth. You will be thankful to have read it.”
-Barbara McQueen

“Just completed the first 60 pages of Chantal Boudreau’s book BLOOD IS STRONG can’t wait to read the next 60 of 180 page book, full of action. You must have lived with these people to know so much. ”
“The individuals change names but I stayed with it. Each had their own character and developed it. Far-Runner and Lariat were brilliant. Sexual descriptions were missing but did not seem to harm the book.
It is the best fictional story I have read out of the 12 I have reviewed so far. Well done – Have a gold star.”
-Dennis Blackburn


It’s clever in a very natural kind of way.  I feel like I can follow along, but I also know that I’m absorbing a lot of information very quickly and that my way into this world, this tribe is made easy by of the affable shaman’s way of telling a story and teaching at the same time.

Well done.

– Ien Nivens

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