About Fervor #4 – Providence

There’s no place like home, especially if the only home you’ve ever known wasn’t really home at all. The refugees from Fervor have been running since they left their island “home” in hopes of finding something better – something real. They didn’t find it at Elevation and they didn’t find it at Windlea either. Their quest has now brought them to Providence, but it’s not quite home for Sam and his house-family just yet. The new settlement offers its own set of questions for which Sam’s not sure they will find the answers they need: What do you do with a girl like Grace? Having spent her life as a caged animal under the thumb of the Scholars, how do you introduce her safely to freedom? What happens once the residents of Providence start having children of their own? None of them have had a normal childhood. Could their offspring ever truly expect one? How do you fix the Fixer? Sarah came back from Transcendence as damaged goods – where will they find someone who can help her? And lastly, but most importantly… Will they ever really be safe?

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