About Masters & Renegades #2 – Casualties of War

A life-altering struggle resulting from a petty dispute

When Reid Blake chooses to open a rival Renegade Magic Academy in Anthis, the town neighbouring Magic University, some of the university faculty consider it a declaration of war. The tactics they use to retaliate leave Reid, a couple of old friends, and three of his students racing against time in a life-or-death situation.


(A few copies availble through author – see my contact page if interested)


“Ingenious, exciting, and refreshing. The first three words that come to mind as I read Casualties of War by Chantal Boudreau. As with Magic University, Chantal has continued the journey of her characters with as much enthusiasm and exceptional talent as before. I could not put this book down as I followed every twist and turn of these characters and cannot wait for the next installment of the Masters & Renegades series! A must-read for everyone because Chantal’s works are truly gems in the reading world!”

-Dragon Queen’s blog

Chantal Boudreau is a wonder. She is not only a prolific author producing an amazing amount of finished work, she is also able to write in many genres at once and completely change tone and voice to suit each work. Simply astounding!

In Casualties of War, she delivers an epic fantasy tale that grabs the reader’s full attention from page 1. In CoW, the rivalry between the established Magic University and the fledgling Renegade School of Magic takes a toll at a human level as one entity seeks to wipe out the other by means most foul. Chantal’s energy and pacing throughout the book is masterful. While the tone of CoW is much lighter than in some of Chantal’s other works, it still delves into the heart of each character.

For readers of epic fantasy, for adventure lovers and those simply looking for a fulfilling read, I highly recommend this and all of Chantal’s other works. She is a true gem just waiting to be discovered.

-Ren Garcia, author of “The League of Elders” series

“I am on chapter 14 of book 2….LOVE it!! I am feeling so “invested” in the characters! Sure sign of a great book and a great author!”

-Paula Larkin

“Wow, I just finished reading Casualties of War. It is so good. I love the way you write and the way your characters just seem to jump out of the pages. I also love your description, I could picture everything as if I was there.

You really put a lot into your writing and it shows in every sentence.”

-Aurora Roberts

“A sign of good fantasy writing is that amidst the goblins, the dragons, and the orcs and other such creatures, you get characters that behave more or less like real people. Characters with real believable emotions and concerns that can be just as identifiable as those of your friends or your next door neighbor.

A good case in point is an early scene in “Casualties of War,” the second installment in Chantal Boudreau’s “Masters and Renegades” series. Three of our old friends from the first volume, “Magic Univeristy” are back. Reid is now the leader of his own Renegade school, not trusted by the staff of the University. A magic plague has attacked his school, and he goes to his friend Finch, who is now a student at the Univerisity. He needs her to come along with him on a dangerous quest to find the antidote. But Finch is reluctant to leave her studies and fears losing all she has gained. The resulting confrontation is very real–and one can easily understand both sides. Her final decision is inevitable–she is, after all, one of the heroes, but the scene is nonetheless intense.

Also along for the ride is Reeree, who also appeared in the first book. She had the keen ability to diagnose anyone’s emotional angst, and to suggest the proper course of action. She is the ultimate mother figure.

They are joined by three new characters, Dee, Clayton, and Nolan who are all inexperienced, but they must go along out of necessity on the quest. Each is a wonderfully drawn character and each brings along his or her own problems.

Equally heroic is Burrell, one of the leaders of the University, even though he doesn’t go along on the quest. While most of his colleagues would rather leave the Renegade school to its fate, he sees the potential threat to everyone and goes against the orders of his superior, Fortia, who is a woman one does not want to have as an enemy.

All in all, Casualties of War is a worthy follow-up to Magic University and promises of many rewarding adventures to come. ”

-Brad Fillipone

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