Calling All Horror Fans!

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Calling All Horror Fans! Press Presents: 

Free excerpt from Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2


Zomedy: Dark Humor of the Undead by Chantal Boudreau

Zombies are funny. They may be gross, frightening and tragic, but there is still something ridiculous about them, something that makes you hold back a laugh when you should be shocked or terrified. You’ll find amusing events in even some of the goriest, angst-ridden zombie stories, usually for the sake of comic relief and to give viewers or readers a moment to catch their breath. In some cases, like Fido and Zombieland, the entire premise of the tale is based upon dark comedy, with a variety of images of zombies doing crazy things, or constant references to silly but effective rules created to address the dangers of the apocalypse. In the more dramatic movies, it may be just the odd moment, like when the people shooting zombies from the roof in Dawn of the Dead identify the zombies as celebrities like Burt Reynolds.

Zombies have always made me laugh and when I started writing zombie stories, I found humor leaching into my writing in one form or another. My first story featured a woman feeding brains to her undead husband with a pool hook, a visual that always makes me smile. Zomedy has become an accepted term to describe a zombie spoof, or comedic zombie film, but I think the humor of zombies goes beyond the obvious laughs and the campy (a la Weekend at Bernie’s II). I thought it might be interesting to look at the more common tools of zomedy, both in written and cinematic comedic forms as well as in those genre pieces intended to offer a more serious approach to the undead. I’ve come up with a dozen that are prevalent and easily identifiable.

Zombie Puns: A good pun is the true essence of humor. Even a bad one will at least elicit a chuckle or a groan. Titles of zombie movies and stories are notorious for using puns. One of the Classic zomedies, Shaun of the Dead, used a pun in its title as a humorous way of paying homage to the legendary George Romero. This tool is even more prominent in the written zombie genre, at least in the aspect of a good play on words. One example of this is Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen, with sequels Flip This Zombie, and Eat, Slay, Love. Not only do the titles capture the domestic element of the zombie stories, it also links the stories to items in current culture.

Zombie Animals: Another tactic used to lighten the mood in genre books and movies is the inclusion of zombie animals. I discovered after writing my novelette, Shear Terror, that there was a movie from…

To read more, go to: https:/


Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre? Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horror addict’s life.

Our month-by-month almanac with important dates, movie lists, puzzles, crafts, articles, and recipes will guarantee your whole year is occupied with delightful horror activities. Don’t miss our monster guide with articles about vampires, zombies, ghosts, and some creatures that just can’t be categorized. Enjoy interviews with creators of horror content and hear perspectives from different cultures and backgrounds. Read stories of real hauntings, nightmares, and vile vacations.

Allow us to curate your horror lifestyle.

With articles by: A. Craig Newman, A.D. Vick, Alyson Faye, Angela Yuriko Smith, Brian McKinley, CM Lucas, Camellia Rains, Carrie Sessarego, Chantal Boudreau, Courtney Mroch, Crystal Connor, D.J. Pitsiladis, Dan Shaurette, Daphne Strasert, Dee Blake, Emerian Rich, Geneve Flynn, H.E. Roulo, H.R. Boldwood, J. Malcolm Stewart, James Goodridge, Jaq D Hawkins, Jeff Carroll, Jonathan Fortin, Kate Nox, Kay Tracy, Kerry Alan Denney, Kieran Judge, Kristin Battestella, Ksenia Murray, Lee Murray, Lionel Ray Green, Loren Rhoads, M.D. Neu, Mark Orr, Martha J. Allard, Michael Fassbender, Mimielle, Naching T. Kassa, Pamela K. Kinney, Priscilla Bettis, R.J. Joseph, R.L. Merrill, Rena Mason, Renata Pavrey, Rhonda R. Carpenter, Russell Holbrook, Selah Janel, Steven P. Unger, Sumiko Saulson, Tabitha Thompson, Theresa Braun, Trinity Adler, Valjeanne Jeffers.

Available now at:

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Waltzing Matilda…

May 26, 2021 at 11:47 pm (horror, Links, writing) (, , , , )

I’m making my first appearance in an Australian anthology. My horror short story “I Have no Beef with You” appears in Colp Underground, now available on Amazon. This is Colp’s ninth collection and is described as an exploration beneath the surface presented by ts authors. So grab a torch and venture in…

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Now Available

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Find it on:


Amazon . com:

Amazon . ca:

Barnes & Noble:…/realms-of…/1139339279

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Coming Soon!

April 21, 2021 at 12:38 pm (writing) (, , )

This contains my short story “Stitches in Time”.


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To Binge or not to Binge

May 23, 2020 at 11:08 pm (horror, writing) (, , , , , )

It’s tempting while stuck at home, when I’m not working, to sit and binge hours of TV and movies. It feels almost like a way of waiting it out, until things get back to normal. While I do cook, garden and go on walks, I miss swimming, jugger, shopping and my usual routines, so I need things to distract me.  Binging shows does that for me

I was chatting with someone the other day about how I like to access the shows I watch and what I enjoy watching most.  Like many out there, my household binges Netflix, and Youtube is always a source of entertainment.  I’m waiting with great anticipation for the second season of Umbrella Academy and was happy to have a chance to finally see Deadpool 2.  But I’ve turned to some newer options this year that have been my go to for something different when I feel like I’ve run through all I’ve wanted to see on my usual sources for shows.

So what am I trying out this year?  Well, as a horror fan, I decided to use some of my Christmas money to get myself a subscription to Shudder.  When I first scrolled through the available selections, it seemed a little overwhelming.  I thought the movies listed would keep me busy for a long time, but I soon realized while there were several I wanted to see, or re-watch, there were many older movies from Italian directors that really did not appeal to me (hate me for it if you like, but I’m not a fan of the original Suspiria).  I still can’t believe how many champion “The Beyond” as some sort of great classic.  I watched it when I was much younger, under the title of “Seven Doors of Death”, during one of our Bad Movie Nights, and it won as the worst movie that night.  It included such notable events as a blind woman running through her house (without running into anything) calling out for her dog, Dick and a man fighting zombies who reloaded his pistol by shoving a bullet up the barrel.  We also counted only 3 doors in the movie, not 7. 

A large portion of the movies on Shudder are foreign movies with subtitles.  I like to do other things while I watch (drawing, folding laundry, chopping veggies, needlework, etc.) so I have to be in the right mood and static mode for subtitles, since you can’t really do anything else while you watch.  Granted, most of their foreign films are high quality, but it just doesn’t suit my viewing preferences.

That’s not to say I’m regretting my Shudder subscription, because what they do offer are great series, documentaries and podcasts.  I’ve enjoyed Creepshow, NOS4A2, Channel Zero, Wolf Creek and some non-horrors like Lucky Man and A Discovery of Witches.  I’d subscribe to Shudder just to watch the Dead Lands, my favourite thing on the streaming service.  They aren’t all winners, but it does have a lot of good things to offer.

If I’m looking for movies though, I’ve taken to sludging through the many, many options on Tubi.  My car pool drive introduced me to this free streaming service.  They have more English language horror movies than you can shake a stick at and the majority of them are terrible.  But there are a few hidden gems and classics in the mix.  I got a kick out of an indy horror comedy called “Gravy” and a thriller called “Landmine Goes Click”.  I also found a great sci-fi/fantasy mini-series called “The Lost Room”.  And I was happy to re-watch a horror favourite of mine, “Splinter”.   

If you aren’t into horror, they may still have something you’ll enjoy.  They have so much variety – if you do decide to check it out be prepared to invest some time digging before you find something worth watching.

Do you have a preferred streaming service I haven’t mentioned?  If you have suggestions, let me know in the comments.


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What Have I Been Up To?

May 3, 2020 at 10:38 pm (Links, Reviews, writing) (, , , , , )

Content on my blog has been lacking for some time now. Aside from sharing the odd promotion or review, things have been quiet. I have had a couple of short stories published, but my writing had been mostly set aside thanks to other things in my life.  Work, family and unexpected events had left me without much creative energy to write, submit, blog or socialize, so I set things aside and promised myself I would come back when things changed and life let up a little.

I have to laugh at that idea.  Life not only did not let up, it threw a huge Covid curve ball.  Normal is a long way off – but now I feel the need to get back to doing some of the things I used to do just to restore some semblance of normalcy, no matter how little.  I may be working from home surrounded by family, and I may not be able to go swimming or play jugger, but there are things I can do.  I sent off my taxes last week.  We planted our backyard garden today, I will be catching up on overdue e-mails this week and I will be returning to a regular writing, blogging and submission schedule.

I think the hardest thing for me in all of this – and I appreciate the fact I have it easy compared to many people – is that as a serious introvert who has spent years trying to counter my nature in order to leave my house and socialize and work with people on a daily basis, the foundation I’ve built for that is failing.  Other people are desperate to leave their homes while I’m worried how hard it will be for me to go back to going into work five days a week and not stay home all weekend.  I had almost completely conquered my social anxiety but social distancing has sent it roaring back.  I’m supposed to avoid people and I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to get back to not avoiding them when this is over, years of effort suddenly reversed.  I know most extroverts won’t be able to understand that, but it is a thing.

On a positive note, I’m happy to see that some of the anthologies I have appeared in this year are doing well.  Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock has had positive reviews.  No mention of my short story, “A Sticky Situation” yet, but praise for the anthology as a whole is out there:

I also have stories in a free ebook offering from Engen Books  – From The Rock Stars:

“With COVID-19 in full swing and the world in isolation, we thought of no better time and way to show our thanks than to offer this collection of short fiction for free during the course of the crisis, and at no more than cost for the print book. Please enjoy these stories at no cost, and we hope that the worlds they bring you to is a brighter one.” 

Lastly, among my recent acceptances/publications is a short story called “Buzzkill” that will be appearing in the animal-based apocalypse anthology Welcome to the Alpaca-lypse.  This is a fun and frightening series of tales that should be widely available soon :

The end is nigh…or is it neigh? Humans might be an apex predator, but plenty of animals have the ability to end the world as we know it. Bunnies, cats, dogs, and alpacas might all seem cute at first glance but just wait until they let loose and cause an apocalypse the likes of which you’ve never seen before.”

That lovely quirky cover art, by the way, is thanks to the efforts of Jason Meents.

So that, in a nutshell, is what I’ve been up to lately.  Now it’s time for me to go update my other pages and you’ll hopefully see me here again soon.

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Book Review : Knowing When To Die by Mort Castle

March 16, 2020 at 3:11 am (writing)

via Book Review : Knowing When To Die by Mort Castle

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Guest Post – H. E. Roulo

September 12, 2019 at 3:45 pm (horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , )

Plague Master: Rebel Infection- A Terrible Discovery

By H.E. Roulo

With the release of book two of the PLAGUE MASTER Series, readers get to rediscover teenager Trevor Seth. Trevor is hailed as a hero for returning with a vaccine for the zombie infection. His celebrity also makes him a dangerous threat to the powerful Founders of his homeworld. When revolution breaks out, he must discover the terrible truth about his cure…


Excerpt From Chapter 7 of Plague Master: Rebel Infection

A woman stumbled into the fire-lit driveway and tumbled to her knees. Her short white hair clumped with red and black blood. She wore a simple white pantsuit. Blood coated her forearms and slicked the front of her pant legs.

Elena gasped. “That’s Ambassador Grekov. We spoke at dinner.”

“Even if she’s been bitten, she’ll recover.” Cameron aimed the way she’d come, in case she was being pursued. “Sigrid, give her first aid.”

The ambassador rocked on her knees, head down.

“She has two bites on her forearm.” Sigrid remained in place and peered at the woman’s inner wrist, spying the blue bite-shaped scar. “Good, she’s inoculated. I’ll patch her up.”

“Wait! I would not.” Elena obstructed Sigrid’s path. “Ambassador Grekov?”

The ambassador rocked on her knees, head hanging, and gave no sign she heard them.

“I’ll handle it,” said Sigrid. She pushed past Elena, rifle raised, and stopped a pace from Ambassador Grekov.

The injured woman still didn’t look up. A soft green illumination suffused her skin, though the light of the flames might account for the glow.

Sigrid squared herself and shouted, “Ambassador Grekov!”

Vera Grekov raised her chin. Black drool dribbled between her teeth. She snarled with fury as the disease burned away her mind.

Vera lunged at Sigrid.

Sigrid fired. The bullet struck the base of Vera’s throat, too low to sever her spine. She embraced the space where Sigrid had been, but the mercenary had already stepped to the side. Cool, Sigrid shot again. Her bullet tore into the side of the new zombie’s head and out the back at an angle, casting white shards and blackened blood across the driveway and spattered a bush shaped like a giraffe.

The ambassador’s body toppled to the side, fingers twitching.

Cameron had turned by the second shot, flushed and bright-eyed.

“Not possible.” He wheezed, a long exhalation, and dropped his gun to claw at the bite on his back. Already, black blood oozed from the inflamed wound and dribbled through the last shreds of silk. “This can’t be!”

Sigrid stared at him and turned to Trevor, gun gripped between both hands. She didn’t seem able to put the question into words.

“He’s changing,” Trevor confirmed out loud. “The inoculation didn’t work.”


Read more excerpts and see behind the scenes of the PLAGUE MASTER trilogy.

Twitter: @hroulo




Author Central:

Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome (Book 1):

Plague Master: Rebel Infection (Book 2):

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June 21, 2019 at 11:42 pm (writing)

Horror Addicts Episode# 168
SEASON 14 “We’re Cursed, Again!!!”
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


Overtoun Bridge

#killswitch authors | destini beard | the island of dr. moreau


Find all articles and interviews at:

131 days till halloween

*terror trax: destini beard, love song for a vampire

*catchup: bird attack!

*cursed place: overtoun bridge, dog suicide bridge

*logbook of terror: russell, overtoun bridge

*darkvein manor: by emerian rich with cleo de milo concept by e.m. markoff, rish outfield-ives, kadirah wade-hazel, emerian rich-clara, willow, and eli.  theme music-valentine wolf

*ghastly games: daphne, ultimate werewolf inquisition

*odds and dead ends: keiran, cerberus

*frightening flix: kbatz, the island of dr. moreau

*live action reviews: crystal, the field guide to evil

*the bigfoot files: lionel, wood ape

*dead mail:

***james: nightmare before xmas video

***annie: keanu a badass now? always be my maybe, cyberpunk video game.


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June 16, 2019 at 4:45 pm (writing) Press Presents…Kill Switch

FREE on Kindle
Father’s Day Weekend Only!

As technology takes over more of our lives, what will it mean to be human, and will we fear what we’ve created? What horrors will our technological hubris bring us in the future?

Join us as we walk the line between progressive convenience and the nightmares these advancements can breed. From faulty medical nanos and AI gone berserk to ghost-attracting audio-tech and one very ambitious Mow-Bot, we bring you tech horror that will keep you up at night. Will you reach the Kill Switch in time?




Mike’s new Mow-Bot is the answer to…

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