Fervent Exposure – The Hub

April 1, 2011 at 11:37 pm (Fervor, horror, The Hub, writing)

The next stop on my tour of the island of Fervor is the Hub. The monstrous, metallic, dome-shaped communal building, known as the Hub, serves multiple functions. Prior to the second exodus, it played venue to a variety of events for all of the inhabitants on Fervor, allowing the collective group to participate in full-scale celebrations and testing that masqueraded as island-wide scavenger hunts and sports competitions. When the second exodus occurred, and the children of Fervor are first exposed to the connection, the Finders are charged with leading others to the Hub on foot, where they all must come together for the Gathering:

“It was two more days of exhausting travel before Sam was finally able to stop tracking the Hub through his link in the connection to Bryan, and instead, focus his finding efforts directly on the massive building itself. It was a huge relief for the small boy to no longer have to disrupt the cantankerous youth by repeatedly making contact after any interruptions en route.

When they finally could make out the giant domed roof of the structure that they were looking for, a thrill ran through Sam, one that he purposefully shared with Sarah. He even went so far as to attempt to project the image that he was seeing to her, despite being completely unpractised with being her eyes. She told him that it was a little bit fuzzy, but for the most part quite good.”

The inside of the building teems with people making it difficult for those searching to find one another and Sam at one point gets lost in the crowd and almost trampled. As a hint of things to come, I can tell you that the Hub is revisited in Elevation, the sequel to Fervor, under much different circumstances.

As a separate item of note, Panic Press has released its Table of Contents for its anthology, Soup of Souls, and I’m happy to say that my story, Dry Heat, is third on the list. My test readers have described the tale as a morbid Arabian Nights fable, where the protagonist learns that there can be a “stiff” price to pay for jealousy and a misplaced sense of entitlement. I’m looking forward to the release of the anthology, and can’t wait to read the large assortment of stories from the other contributors.

For those attending 42 or my Book Launch party this weekend – see you there!!

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