About Masters & Renegades #1 – Magic University

The beginning of a gritty fantasy series..

Nine unusual novice mages have been invited to compete in a series of magical trials for three elite apprentice positions at the university. The misfits gradually display their strengths and their weaknesses, and soon find themselves battling their own personal demons as much as they are their opponents.

Now available free via Scribd.  Press the “Magic University” button for the link.

Testimonials for Magic University:

Starting from the premise of a group of individuals aspiring to train at the elitist Magic University, undergoing first a public explication of their secrets (via the Magic Mirror), and subsequently numerous divergent trials, Ms. Boudreau weaves a story line that will keep readers edging from their seats, heart in mouth, waiting for the next event, the next denouement, the next cliffhanger.

-Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes

As I read your book, I cannot help but think of books I have read from the Forgotten Realms and think how comparable the writing style is and this is why I can see your books fitting in there. Your books are even better than some I’ve read and I have have very few complaints in that genre. That’s a compliment.

You are my personal brand of Heroin. Kudos to you.

-Barb McQueen

‘Magic University’ by author Chantal Boudreau is thrilling and is guaranteed to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. You won’t be able to put her book down once you start reading it until you find out exactly what happens. The time Chantal takes to go into such depth about each character is so realistic that you swear she is just a scribe and that the events in the book actually took place. It amazes me how prolific Chantal is and how everything she writes is of a high-caliber right off the bat. She’s definitely an inspiration and there’s much more still to come.

-Jade Feldman

Magic University is a treat for any reader. While primarily a fantasy novel, the stories transcend the venue, drawing the reader into the situations and personalities of the characters. The title might lead you to believe that it is a Harry Potter knock off, but it is far from it. Rather than one main character, Magic University has no less than nine protagonists with fully developed back stories that could comprise their own novels. Even Stiggle, the Imp, seems to have a history that would make an interesting story. The book progresses through a well thought out landscape, neither rushing nor dragging, despite taking place in a twenty-four hour period. It is full of unexpected events and friendships and even more unexpected non-friendships. I look forward to reading more from this author, especially if there are more in this series.
-Rod Naugler

You have a good imagination, some creativity, and a nice light touch with words.

You write with some of the same flair found in Harry Potter, too. (A dwarf named Shetland? That’s a good one.)

I think you will get a lot of fans for this, it is worthy.

Doug Rainbow

You are a great writer!

You are great at describing things, and your dialogue is more natural than I will ever be able to get mine! I love the names… you have the creativity part down flat!

Also, when I read the title “Magic University”, I was expecting to have to bring up the elephant in the room, that any magic-school book is going to have to compete with Harry Potter. It didn’t. You were original to a fault. Bravo.

– “Will” on writing.com

I finished Magic University last night. Really enjoyed it. I like how you managed a nice separation of the characters into individuals, without making them one-dimensional. Great read.

-Jeff Hamm

I was sent this book by a friend who has an amazing talent for not only   writing but drawing. I finally finished it and here is my review without   giving too much away (because you’re so going to want to buy this once it’s   published).For a start, I never got bored. The author created a world that entertained   you from start to finish.Each character was completely different from the next. You had your   favourites (Reeree for me) and you needed to follow their path no matter what   the ending. For me it was like Christmas and finally getting the gift you   wanted. With each chapter you would uncover more of the characters and you   happily went along with the journey ‘til the end.I would put this book with my top five best and I would reread it again and   again. It’s like having a warm cup of cocoa before bed.I fully   plan to buy the book once it is published and read it start to finish with no   breaks. I hope everyone does the same.

-Annmarie   Ager

You seem to capture your characters very well, and make the reader fall into the story as if they are either part of the story or watching it from the front lines. I would love to read the rest of this series as well. You have me intrigued as to what happens to everyone.

– Lauri Brazen

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