About Fervor #3 – Transcendence

Arriving at Windlea, the refugees from Fervor encounter a chilly reception. The Latents there do not welcome them with open arms, as had originally been expected, nor do they include them in their planning to confront the Scholars. Even worse, Elliot has appeared to have abandoned the youths he once championed, either out of a sense of hopelessness or an overwhelming guilt. Feeling rejected, Sam and his friends start to plot their own rescue, a journey to Transcendence to recover Sarah and the abducted ex-Controls. With new resources, new information, their talents and unexpected alliances, it will be tricky, but they think they can make it work … that is, if the Latents, the Scholars, their pet Teller, Grace, or even the very hostile environment of Windlea, don’t happen to get in their way.



Transcendence did not disappoint. It was action packed to the last page.

-Brad V. Girard

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