All About Me…


Chantal Boudreau is an accountant and mother of 2 who lives with her family by the sea in beautiful Sambro, Nova Scotia. She writes and illustrates fantasy, dark fantasy and horror during her “spare” time. In addition to her CMA-MBA from Saint Mary’s University, she has an English degree from Dalhousie University. Her novel, Fervor, debuted from May December Publications (MDP) in the spring of 2011, and its sequels, Elevation, Transcendence and Providence, followed. She has written 18 other novels, in various stages of editing and submission, and has also completed many short stories. Magic University, the first of her Masters & Renegades fantasy series was released in September 2011, followed by sequels Casualties of War and Prisoners of Fate. She also self-published the three novels in her YA tribal dark fantasy trilogy, The Snowy Barrens Trilogy.

Chantal sold her first short story on October 4, 2010, a horror story called “Palliative,” which appeared in notreebooks e-book anthology Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts – Oh My! Her short story, “Just Another Day,” appears in MDP’s zombie anthology, First Time Dead (February 2011 release) and she now has stories in a variety of anthologies from multiple publishers.
She appeared as a writer-guest at Hal-Con (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in November of 2011 and is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association.


Fervor Series:

Fervor (published by May December Publishing, March 2011)

Elevation (published December 2011 – no longer in print)

Transcendence (published November 2012 – no longer in print)

Providence (published June 2013 – no longer in print)


Dominion (WIP)

Grace (in planning)

Faith (in planning)

Hope (in planning)

Masters & Renegades Series:

Magic University (published by May December Publications, September 2011 – no longer in print -available for free on

Casualties of War (published by May December Publications, June 2012 – no longer in print)

Prisoners of Fate (published by May December Publications, November 2013 – no longer in print)

Victims of Circumstance

Lines of Opposition

The Enemy of my Enemy

Pieces of Magic Part 1 of 2: Union of Defiance

Pieces of Magic Part 2 of 2: Chasing the Node

Dagramar’s Zoo (in planning)

Glimmer ‘Midst the Chaos (in planning)

The Snowy Barrens Trilogy:

The Blood Is Strong (released October 2012)

The Blood Runs Deep (released February 2013)

The Blood Flows True (released March 2014)

The Darker Myths Series (unpublished):

Elements of Genocide (available for submission)

Sleep Escapes Us (submitted to Exile Editions, December 2013)

The Trading of Skin (submitted to Exile Editions, January 2014))

Bed of Bones (in planning)

Akin to the Wind (in planning)

When you Whisper (Available for Submission)

When you Scream (in planning)

Intangible (Available for Submission)

Sifting the Ashes – (Available for Submission)

The 1% Solution – (In Planning for Camp Nanowrimo)

Short Stories (124):

Published or Accepted for Publication

A Brief Encounter(fantasy) – flash fiction to accompany The Blood is Strong trilogy – Published in Angie’s Diary

False Tranquility (fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to The Blood is Strong trilogy – Word Blurb

Deadly Preparations (fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University – Published in Angie’s Diary

Tease (fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University- Published in Angie’s Diary

A Change of Colour (fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University- Published in Angie’s Diary

A Silent Proposition (fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University- Published in Angie’s Diary

On Her Guard(fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University – Published in Angie’s Diary

Out of Phase(fantasy) – prequel teaser tale to Masters & Renegades #1: Magic University – Word Blurb

Fly on the Wall (fantasy -4057) – Published in Bellator, charity anthology, available for submission as a reprint

Just Another Day (horror – zombie – 4000) – Published in May December Publishing’s First-Time Dead anthology (volume 1) and Darlings of Decay, available for reprint

The Last (fantasy) – Published in Angie’s Diary

Kraken Chasm (fantasy) – Published in Angie’s Diary

Deadline (horror – zombie) – Published in the Zombie Buffet anthology from Opencasket Press, available for reprint

Eliza’s Shell (fantasy) – Published in New Legends: Caster, Castle, Creature – Caster Edition fantasy anthology, May 2016. Available for reprint.

Lucky Penny (speculative fiction-3964) – Published in the Moronic Ox Journal, available for reprint

Weighing Fate (speculative fiction) – Available as a reprint

Waking the Dead (horror – zombie – 6974) – Published in MDP’s Hell Hath no Fury anthology, available for reprint

Insurance (horror) – Submitted as a reprint

Palliative (horror – 5597) – Published in Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts – Oh My! anthology by Notreebooks, available as a reprint

Technopathy (science fiction/horror) – Available as a reprint

Bibliophile (erotica – 3898) – Published in BWE 3

Euthanasia (horror – vampire) – Published in the Wake Up Dead anthology from Crowded Quarantine Press, available as a reprint

Cat and Mouse (pirate fantasy) – Published on The Dragon Queen’s blog, available as a reprint

Shear Terror (horror – zombie – 8139) – Published as a novelette in May December Publishing’s e-lit catalogue, availabe for submission as a reprint

Vanity (horror – witch) – Published by MDP in the Waking the Witch anthology, submitted as a reprint

The Lure (horror – monster – 4129) – Published by MDP in the anthology Midnight Madness Creature Feature, published as a reprint in Allegory ezine (volume 32/59)

Dry Heat (horror) – Published by Panic Press Books in the Soup of Souls anthology, available for reprint

The Ghost in the Mirror (speculative fiction/modern fantasy – 3824) Available for submission as a reprint

What a Man’s Gotta Do (horror – cowboy/zombie – 4857) – Published by Rymfire ebooks in the Undead Tales anthology, available as a reprint

Little Sister (horror) – submitted to Fangoria “Weird Words” short fiction contest – selected as a finalist in 2011 and posted at Fangoria Online. Appeared on the Tales to Terrify podcast, episode #87, also published in Siren’s Call

Silence in the Court (horror) – Published by MDP in their Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy anthology, available for reprint

Rats!(horror) – One of the contenders in Horror Addicts Wicked Women Writer competition for 2011 – available in full on

It’s All About the Tourists (humorous fantasy – 3508) – Submitted as a reprint to e-zine, January, 2019.

Escarg – 0 – (zombie horror) – Published in the Zero anthology from May December Publications, available for reprint

Don’t Feed The… (Vampire horror – 3,322) – Published in the Vampires Aren’t Pretty anthology from May December Publications, available as a reprint.

Gaia’s Gift (post-apocalyptic) – Published in Tuliptree Publishing’s anthology, My Favorite Apocalypse, available for reprint.

Wrigglers (horror – 4422) – Published in MDP’s Midnight Movie Creature Feature II – published as a reprint in the Year’s Best Body Horror 2017 Anthology.

Orbs (horror) – Published in Dark Moon Books’ Mistresses of the Macabre anthology and published as a reprint in the Killing It softly anthology

What I’ve Gots in My Pockets (flash horror) – Published in the Slices of Flesh anthology by Dark Moon Books.  Available as a reprint.

Rev-ursal (modern rural fantasy) – Published in the Hazardous Press Shifters charity anthology, available for reprint

Dead to Write (zombie horror) – Published in Horror and Mystery LLC anthology, Strangely Funny, 2 1/2, available for reprint.

What’s the Scoop (horror) – Published in Ten Silver Bullets from Crowded Quarantine Publications, available for reprint

And Then the Crow Said Henry (horror) – Published in Crowded Quarantine’s Tales for the Toilet anthology, available as a reprint.

Octavia (spider horror) – Published in Crooked Cat Publication for Fear anthology, published as a reprint in Killing It Softly 2.

Thanksgiving Special (flash horror) – Contender in the 2012 Wicked Women Writers Competition organized by the Horror Addict podcast – now available on Wattpad.

Territory (ghost horror – 4207) – Published in Chillers on the Rock

Life and Undeath on the Chain Gang (zombie horror) – Published in May December Publications’ anthology, Zombie Lockdown, available as a reprint.

Dead Drift (zombie horror) – Published in Exile Editions Dead North anthology,

Amnesty (superhero fiction – 4280) – Published by Crimson Streets, April 2017

A Face in the Wind (superhero) – Published by Tyche Books in the Masked Mosaic anthology, available for reprint

Come into her Garden (green man dark fantasy – 3509) – Published as an honorable mention on the Crystal Lake website

One Lonely Night (zombie horror) – Published in MDPs Let’s Scare Cancer to Death charity anthology, available for reprint

The Godmother’s Curse (zombie/fairytale mash-up – 3492) Published in Postscripts to Darkness Vol 5, published as reprint in QuicFic

Turbulence (sci-fi flash fiction) – Available in full on and Wattpad

Waiting in the Wings (romance) – Available for submission as a reprint

All I Want for Christmas (Christmas flash fiction fantasy) – Posted on the Guild of Dreams blog published on Angie’s Diary and published on the Horror Addicts website.

Riot! (fan fiction) – accepted for anthology.

The Hole (fantasy) – teaser tale for The Blood Runs Deep, published on Angie’s Diary

On a Wing and a Prayer (flash apocalyptic horror) – Aired as part of Horror Addicts Wicked Women Writers 2013 competition

Deck the Halls (Christmas horror- 3,102) – Published in Grinning Skulls Press O Little Town of Deathlehem charity anthology, submitted as a reprint to ChiZine, January 2018

Velveteen (Science Fiction) – Published in Planet Rogue Press anthology Sex Droids & Their Cyborg Toys, available for reprint

Flash! (horror flash fiction) – Published in Dark Moon Books Dark Moon Digest #13, available as a reprint

Sanae’s Garden (Japanese-themed fantasy) – Published in Seventh Star Press anthology Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court. Submitted as a reprint, January 2017

On the Tip of her Tongue (Horror) – Published in Dark Corners anthology

Some Kind of Rabid (Horror flash fiction) – Accepted for TWF, January 2017

Implements (Horror flash fiction) – Published in Issue #12 of Literary Hatchet.

In too Deep (Fairy-tale Horror) – Published online as part of Mythos Grimmly:Prelude.

A Shovel and a Bag of Lime (Horror flash fiction) – Published in Issue #10 of Literary Hatchet.

A Shovel and a Bag of Lime too (Horror flash fiction) – Published in Issue #9 of The Literary Hatchet

Desperate Dreams (Dark fantasy) – Published in the Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers from Horrified Press. Available as a reprint.

Cat-Birds (Horror) – Published in Mocha Memoirs Press’s The Grotesquerie anthology, submitted as a reprint

Better (Science-fiction) – Published in Compostela – Tesseracts 20

The Candy Man/The Candy Apple Man (flash horror – 500) – Accepted for Issue #5 of Jitter Press

Zuka’s Misfortune (Egyptian dark fantasy) Published in Horror and Mystery LLC anthology, History and Horror, Oh My!

The Field-Test (fantasy): A Masters & Renegades teaser tale, published on Angie’s Diary

Strange Music (weird tale – 3015) – Accepted for Kill-Switch anthology

Heaven Scent (fairy tale mash-up) – Published in Forest Seclusion anthology April 2017

The Hack-Jack Prospect (cyberpunk fairy tale mash-up) – Published by Intrigue Publishing in the Young Adventurers anthology

Without Family Ties (horror fairy tale mash-up) – Published in Horror Addicts Once upon a Scream anthology, May 2016

Foil-Hat Crazy (weird tale) – Published in Gathering Storm, Issue #5

Secret Santa (Christmas Horror) – Published in Grinning Skulls charity anthology, Return to Deathlehem.

Pure Mime (clown flash horror – 426) – Published in Body Parts Magazine, Issue #8

No Deeper (Lovecraftian Horror) – Published by Mackenzie Publishing in the Into the Cave YA anthology

The Curlicue Seahorse (Steampunk) – Published in Exiles Editions’ Clockwork Canada, May 2016. Available for reprint.

Corvidophilia (horror – 1125) – Published on

Hand (superhero fiction – 1807) – Published in the Silent Screams anthology, October 2016

Breaking Tradition (Christmas Horror – 3890) – Published by Grinning Skulls Press in the Return to Deathlehem anthology, submitted as a reprint, April 2018

Counting Crows (Horror micro fiction – 219) – Published in Gathering Storm, Issue #3

Fish Story (Horror micro fiction – 230) – Published in Gathering Storm, Issue #6

Scrounging for Scraps (Horror micro fiction – 165) – Published by Fundead, February 2017

Soul Cakes (horror – 5014) – Published in the Two Eyes Open anthology

Clemency(an Amnesty Adventure – 4257) – Published by Crimson Streets

Buzzkill (sci-fi – 3170) – Accepted for an anthology,  2018

A Distaste for Dust (flash horror – 1546) – Published in Gathering Storm Issue #2

Scuttle – (horror – 3705) – Published in the Abandon anthology

Cash Grab – Published in Dystopia on the Rock

A Sticky Situation – 2138 – Accepted for Pulp Sci-Fi on the Rock

Look Again (fairy tale mash-up – 3359) – Accepted for charity anthology


The Lesson (urban fantasy – 3274) – Submitted to Dreamforge, April 2019

Surfacing (monster horror – 2,818) – Submitted to Nightscape Press, April 2019

The Elephant’s Graveyard – (horror – 4,377) – Submission to anthology, April 2019

The Storyteller’s Affliction (horror – 4,995) – Available for submission

The Paint-box (modern fantasy Christmas-2994) – Submitted to contest November 2018

Winter’s Hunger (historical dark fantasy/horror – 4053/3923) – Submitted to anthology, April 2018

Stitches in Time (urban fantasy – 3526) – Submitted to Unfaded Daydream, October 2017

The Maw (horror flash fiction – 484) – Available for submission

Relief (sci-fi flash fiction – 549) – Available for submission

In an Instant (sci-fi flash fiction – 982) – Submitted to Factor Four, January 2018

Battling the Shikome (Japanese-themed fantasy – 2,426) – Submitted to Book Smugglers, October 2017

Laying On Hands (urban fantasy – 4,928) – Submitted to anthology, April 2018

Don’t Ask (horror – 3534) – Submitted to anthology, June 2018

Burn (horror – 3381) – Submitted to anthology, January 2019

A Kiss to Rouse Her (fairy tale mash-up – 3284) – Submitted to anthology, April 2016

Turning Blue (superhero fiction – 5816) – Available for submission

Breaking Point (Lovecraftian horror – 5579) – Available for submission

Don’t Go There (Lovecraftian horror – 3124) – Available for submission

Yo-Yo (dark superhero fiction – 2322) – Submitted to anthology, January 2019

Old Man Winter (Christmas horror – 2306) – Submitted to ChiZine, January 2018

Litterbug (Flash SF-620) – Available for submission

Heart of Frost (Fairytale/Norse Mythology Mash-up – 3288) – Available for submission

Dead Butterflies (Flash Horror – 1083) – Available for submission

Freshly Squeezed (Horror micro fiction – 247) – Submitted to Fundead, April 2017

The Curse of the  Blue Lobster (fairy-tale mash-up – 2439) Submitted to anthology, October 2016

Blended (YA shifter – 4423) – Submitted to Speculative City, April 2018

We Took to the Seas (post-apocalyptic – 5253) – Submitted to charity anthology, April 2017

Serves ‘im Right (horror – 2047) – Submitted to magazine, January 2019

The Puzzling Jug (horror – 4195) – Available for submission

Live and Let Die (horror – 3011) – Available for submission

At Odds with the Office (horror – 2948) – Submitted to anthology, April 2018

The Reluctant Collector (horror – 3801 ) – Available for submission

Smiles All Around (horror mash-up – 3921) – Submitted to webzine, January 2019

My Passion’s Bane (horror micro-fiction – 246) – Available for submission

Hungry (flash horror – 1700) – Submitted to Body Parts, January 2018

I Have No Beef with You (horror – 3142) – Available for Submission

Open Wide (horror- 1642) – Submitted to SSP, October 2017

Dry Drowning (literary horror – 4011) – Available for submission

Fruit of Another’s Tree (fantasy – 3415) – Submitted to Galaxy’s Edge, April 2018

Drip – 755 – Available for submission

Testing her Mettle – 3022 – Submitted to Post Mortem Press, January 2018

Pet Peeve – 1623 – Available for submission

Blind Intuition – Available for Submission

What Makes Us Fly (fantasy) – Available for submission

Silver Jet, Silver Bullet (superhero) – Available for submission


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