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April 23, 2011 at 12:18 am (Fervor, Links, The School, writing)

Royce, as a Control, was at no point compelled to follow the Directives on Fervor, but the scholars did require it. A true rebel, Royce followed them as he pleased, and this led up to the point where he established his own home outside of House 32. This space remained a secret until the day that Sam and Sarah ventured outside of their house boundaries, leading Elliot off in search of tools:

The school looked much the worse for the wear, the result of years of disuse. It had been a very plain building to begin with, just like the majority of the buildings on Fervor. Now it looked ragged around the edges, where the storms had dislodged siding and roof shingles, and on one occasion, had forced a large broken tree branch into one of the windows, shattering it in the process. There were no signs of life, and certainly no evidence of upkeep. It disheartened Sam to see it that way, remembering the productive, and sometimes joyful, days that he had spent there. Elliot pushed his way past some of the overgrown shrubbery to the front door.

It made sense that Royce would choose the school as his hide-out. There was plenty of space there, food, and an assortment of tools. It didn’t offer all of the comforts of home, but it was liveable, and somewhere where only Keepers and those free from the Directives, like other Controls, could enter.

That’s the end of my little tour of Fervor – some of these spaces are explored in greater detail and many new places are introduced in the sequel, Elevation, with an anticipated November release. I’ll have an excerpt from Elevation in next Friday’s blog, to give you a sneak peek – and I’ll have more reviews for you this Monday.

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