10 Simple Questions – WWW Edition

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With Chantal Noordeloos (aka the other Chantal)

This month I’ll be interviewing my co –conspirato…er…fellow competitors in the Wicked Women Writers challenge from Horror Addicts. I’ll begin with my namesake – a rare thing when you have a name like mine.

  1. Who are you?

    I am the great and powerful Oz… oh wait, no… I’m slightly less impressive. I’m Chantal Noordeloos, a writer from the Netherlands. If you want to know who I am on a more philosophical level… I’m not quite there yet, I need to get in touch with my ‘inner zen’. (I’ve touched my ‘inner zen’ – it recoiled away…CB)

  2. What have you written and in particular, what have you written that’s wicked?

    I’ve written a ‘bunch’ (yes really specific here) of horror short stories, some of which are particularly wicked (I prefer ‘oodles’ – CB). In fact, my story ‘Mirror Mirror’ is featured in the ‘Someone Wicked Anthology’, so I would like to think that was wicked. I’m not a horror writer per se, but I do like to write stories with a bit of a wicked twist. I’ve also written a Steampunk novel (Coyote: The Outlander) and other genre stories.

  3. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but why do you write?

    That is a favourite question(and annoying as heck, but I’m a sadistic interviewer-CB). In a nutshell, it’s an outlet of creativity. Before I wrote I turned to all sorts of hobbies to ‘fill the empty space in my soul’ (and I mean that with as much drama as I can possibly muster). Now that I write, my life is much more fulfilled. Also more wacky and stressful, but let’s not go into that.

  4. Do you have a preferred theme or topic (zombies, serial killers, demons, etc…)?

    Ehm… I really like using mythology or religion in my work. I also love fairytales and urban legends, but I don’t use those too often yet. I guess Angels and Demons are a bit of theme in some of my stuff.

  5. Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

    YAY!! I love this question, I ask people all the time. I’m a plotting pantser (wow! Never got that one before – CB). I need a iddy bitty structure, or I lose the plot, but I tend to plot a lot, and then use about 10% of my plotted work and pants the rest. Because I just seem to like extra work for some reason.

  6. What do you like most about writing?

    Creating that little world that a reader can nestle into. (Most folks don’t want to nestle anywhere near what I write – CB) I guess I like ‘being read’ the most about writing. I like it when I can make people happy with my stories. Or miserable (when I write horror)… heck any emotion I’ll take.

  7. What challenges you the most about writing?

    Editing. I hate it… with a passion… a big stinky passion (Oooh *clap* *clap*- a kindred spirit – CB). I could start a picketing group against it. But it’s a necessary evil, and it takes me such a long time. I’m quite a fast writer, so all my extra time goes into whipping my stories into shape.

  8. Who or what inspires you most?

    *blank stare* Ehm… *wipes a bit of drool from the side of her mouth* Not just one thing, I couldn’t narrow it down. Other writers really inspire me. Having a good conversation with Apple Ardent Scott can really fuel my writing engine, but to be honest, a lot of things in life inspire me. Reading books I like (or I hate, that can be inspirational too in a twisted way) Seeing a good movie, watching people in the street… you name it (that makes my picking pictures out of floor tiles sound weird – CB).

9)     What are your plans for the future?

To try and take over the world! Narf… wait… no, wrong again. I have a great many plans for the future. I’m currently working on the rest of my Coyote series (there will be five books in total and the next will be called the ‘Clockwork Dragonfly’) and on my own horror collection (yes, a bit of wickedness will be present) called ‘Deeply Twisted’. Otherwise I’ll be working on my ‘Celestials’ trilogy angels and demons, as you might have guessed) and my ‘Even Hell has standards’ series. I have a lot of plans for my future. (And maybe get some help for that drooling problem?-CB)

10) Why Wicked Women Writers?

Well first of all, because it had the word ‘Wicked’ in there, that drew me to it immediately. Then because it was a podcast. I’ve never done a podcast before, and since I’ve dabbles with a lot of other things, a podcast needed to be on me ‘This I have done’ list J

Okay, I confess – not namesake. The name similarity was just a coincidence.But she has the same witty sense of humour that I have. I’ll have to hae her visit Word Blurb again in future.

You can find out more about Chantal here:


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