Women in Horror – Mistresses of the Macabre

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It’s funny how often you’ll hear people say that aside from reading Anne Rice or Shirley Jackson, they’ve never seen much in the way of women horror works out there. That’s why all-female horror anthologies like The Grotesquerie are a great way of introducing readers to several women in horror at once. And it’s not alone.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to list several similar anthologies out there that allow horror readers to explore many female horror writers at once, especially since the ebook version of one such anthology, Mistresses of the Macabre, from Dark Moon Books, is being offered at a special price of $1.99 in honour of Women in Horror Month. Here are a few others:

Do you like zombies? A couple of all female options include the Hell Hath no Fury anthology from May December Publications and Darlings of Decay, the collaborative effort of 32 female horror writers.

Want something a little more classic – how about the Women of Darkness and Women of Darkness II anthologies. Or check out an expanded list of older collections in Jessica Amanda Salmonson’s post, Two Centuries of Women’s Supernatural Stories. Since these are older they’re harder to come by.

Lastly, while the stories in the Deep Cuts are not written only by women, the anthology is a celebration of women horror writers and plays tribute to the ladies who inspired the writers within.

Want to support a future all-female horror anthology? Check out the crowdfunding efforts for She Walks in Shadows, an all-female Lovecraftian anthology. They have 23 days left to raise the more than $5,000 needed to meet their goal.

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