Catch-Up in June

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A post has been a long time in coming (sorry), but I have been well and truly busy. I’ve been working at setting a blog up for my pseudonym as well as prepping a couple of between blitz submissions, juggling proofing and marketing requests and participating in the voting process for one of my writer’s associations. It’s also gardening season, jugger season and I’ve been spending a lot of time with my daughter lately. So yeah – I’m busy.

That being said, the last few weeks have been pleasantly rife with story acceptances, payments, cover reveals and ToC announcements – so I have to play catch-up on those (or, at least the ones I’m allowed to talk about now.)

Compostela – Tesseracts 20 – containing my sci-fi short story “Better” is now available for pre-order here . Tesseracts is one of my “writer’s bucket list” achievements, so it’s a big deal for me. I’m sharing pages with some pretty impressive people.

Clockwork Canada, the Exile Editions steampunk anthology containing my short story “The Curlicue Seahorse” is on the ballot for the 2017 Aurora Awards, in the category of Best Related Work.

I have a new free read available too.  My flash fiction, Pure Mime, has been published by Body Parts Magazine.

And you can also find me listed on two ToC announcements. The first is from Digital Fiction Publishing. My short story “Octavia” will be included in their all-female writer horror reprint anthology, “Killing It Softly 2” .

The second can be found on the blog for Mackenzie Publishing . Their “Two Eyes Open” horror anthology will include my period horror short, “Soul Cakes.” I’ve shared the lovely and intriguing cover above.

I’ll have more announcements coming soon as my last submission blitz proved to be quite successful. And I just finished a horror short for a themed anthology invite that I can’t discuss just yet. We’ll see how that goes.

I hope everybody’s year has been as exciting as mine has been so far. Now its off to work on some edits…


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April Blitz 2016: Rejoicing (#18-20)

April 21, 2016 at 2:34 am (writing) (, , , , , , )

28968_10150173648850032_4556407_nIn the midst of quick rejections coming fast and furious from the pro-rate venues, nothing keeps my spirits up quite like an amazing acceptance.  I’ve submitted to the last six Tesseracts call for submissions.  In the past, I’ve received three “maybe”s with two rewrite requests but none of them turned into a “yes”.  I submitted to the last call with great trepidation.  I don’t normally write science fiction and while I thought my story had merit, I wasn’t sure if others would feel the same way.  I don’t know if you can imagine just how thrilled I was to find an e-mail in my inbox informing me of my acceptance – no “maybe,” no rewrite, just a “yes”.  I will have a story in Compostela – Tesseracts 20.  I was tickled.

And there are other parts about this wonderful happening that make it even better.  I grew up reading Spider Robinson’s books – Mind Killer, Time Pressure, and my favourite, Night of Power, and he’s editing the anthology along with James Alan Gardner.  Also, another of my favourite science fiction writers (I’m currently reading his latest novel, Quantum Night) Robert J. Sawyer will be appearing in the anthology.  So of the many goals I hope to achieve some day, I can happily cross this one off my list.

This is the best thing I can think of to counter the sting of another rejection and give me the courage to send out more.  Oh, and encourage me to keep writing of course.

So I’m going to hit that send button and enjoy my warm fuzzies.

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