My Favourite Monsters A-Z: Ankou

October 2, 2012 at 9:58 pm (horror) (, , , , , , , )

I decided, in honour of Halloween, that I’ll be presenting a short post a day (aside from my review Mondays) of my favourite monsters – one for each letter of the alphabet. We’re not talking unicorn and pixies here, but real monsters…the scary kind. These will be short blurbs on what they are and why it’s a favourite of mine. I start today with the Ankou.

This is a precursor to the grim reaper that originated in Brittany. My Acadian heritage (on my father’s side) can be traced back to this part of France, so I feel attuned to this nasty. It was also popular with the Normans and my British heritage (on my mother’s side)has roots there. While only a henchman of death, the skeletal grave-watcher was known to wear a dark robe, a hat that hid its face and carried a scythe. He also was responsible for collecting dead souls. Every parish in Brittany supposedly had one.

And up there is my own little interpretation of what one of these death omens might have looked like.

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