Genre for the Holidays – It’s Magic!

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My Top 5 List of Holiday Magic

5) A light-up nose – the Christmas equivalent to a magic lighthouse – brings new meaning to the saying “like a deer in the headlights”.

4) Wormhole chimneys – How else would someone with Santa’s girth fit through there? Instead of “slip n’ slide”, this is more like “shrink n’ slide.”

3) Faster-than-light speed sleigh travel – Wormholes might be involved with this one as well, or perhaps Tardis technology.

2)Animated snowmen – from cutesy creations like Frosty the snowmen to creepier constructs like the snowman in the movie “Jack Frost”, supernatural snowmen are super cool! (pun intended)

1) Flying reindeer – I have a thing for reindeer thanks to my just completed project based on Sami mythology. Mind you, the Sami would sacrifice reindeer for Winter Solstice, rather than fly them. This is the happier, more PG version.

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Genre for the Holidays – Christmas De-Gore

December 9, 2012 at 1:55 am (horror, writing) (, , , , , , , , )

I just finished writing a horror short story, working title Deck the Halls, set during the Christmas season and it was my first attempt at holiday horror. I think there’s something a little more jarring about Christmas horror, just like horror involving the mistreatment of children, seniors or cute, fuzzy animals seems umpteen times more disturbing. Most people see those things as particularly vulnerable and needing more protection, almost untouchable, just as they see Christmas as being something associated with happier memories (unless you have an especially dysfunctional family or celebrate a different holiday.)

There’s plenty out there to inspire this kind of scary Christmas tales. I can still remember the terrible Santa story in the Gremlins movie. The Grinch is a pretty chilling character as well. If you dig around you can find quite a bit on the legend of the naughty children-eating Christmas devil, the Krampus. There are dark humour-filled animated features like The Nightmare Before Christmas or live action gore-fests like Black Christmas. The holidays can be scary, if you are willing to tread that taboo-ish territory.

Once I have my story typed in I’ll post an excerpt. I stretched the taboo beyond making Christmas ugly and included the mistreatment of a senior as well (the guy’s elderly mother – yikes! – but don’t worry, he gets it in the end.)

More tomorrow J

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