The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Steve Vernon

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I have a few reviews a long time owing for Nova Scotian writer, Steve Vernon. I’ve reviewed his YA Sci-fi (Flash Virus) in the past, but I especially like Steve’s folksy storyteller approach to tales of murder and horror, and I’ve read several of his short story collections, and a novel, I have yet to review. I thought it was about time.

If you’ve ever witnessed Steve give a “reading”, you’d understand where his particular flavour comes from. He’s the guy you want adding his two cents to stories around the campfire or when you’re huddled by a candle during a power outage on a storm day. His stories, like him, are very animated, hooking your attention and drawing you further in.

His stories are often based on material close to home. Three of his collections I’ve had a chance to read and very much enjoy include Halifax Haunts, local ghost tales retold with Steve’s particular type of flare, Maritime Murder, true crime stories from the past revisited, and
The Lunenburg Werewolf: And Other Stories of the Supernatural, exploring some local legends that were in many cases new to me.

The research required to bring these tales to light is quite obvious, with dates and details that give them substance above and beyond Steve’s enjoyable characteristic style. Most of the stories are dark, some are more playful and some are downright chilling, but they are all entertaining and seem real enough to suggest plausability.

Steve’s books stand on my bookshelves among my favourites. If you’ve never had the opportunity to read his books, I’d recommend doing so.


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WiH Local Spotlight – Donna Davies

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Screenshot 2016-02-28 at 8.38.55 PMMy next local Woman in Horror is a filmmaker from neighbouring Prince Edward Island.  Her Nova Scotia connection is her degree in Journalism from The University of King’s College and her work with Ruby Tree films in Halifax (which she started).  Donna, also a freelance writer, began making films in 1989.  While she started out as a writer/director she says she producing is something she kind of grew into and she considers herself primarily a storyteller. (Source:

She has multiple horror endeavours to her name, including “Shadow Hunter”, a documentary series on paranormal in pop culture which she co-produced, wrote and directed, “Zombiemania” a look at zombies in pop culture and “Pretty Bloody”, a piece on female generated horror which was nominated for best Arts and Culture documentary at the Yorkton Film Festival.

Find out more about Donna and her films at or


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WiH Local Spotlight – Tiffany Morris

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Screenshot 2016-02-27 at 7.21.06 PMMy next spotlight shines on Tiffany Morris, an emerging Mi’kmaq writer from Nova Scotia. She describes herself as a “horror and sci-fi enthusiast.”  In addition to writing fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, she is also a regular contributor to the geek culture website  A practicing witch, she says she is “a sucker for folklore, Gothic romanticism and all things 90s.”

Tiffany’s short story “What Lurks Among the Trees” appeared in Devolution Z Magazine.  She has also had works published in Wax and Wane, Siren’s Call eZine and Hocus Pocus & Co.’s Halloween Night anthology.

Find out more about her at .


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WiH Local Spotlight – Denysé Bridger

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1396844_10151812922910980_1705731137_oMy next local lady in horror (as well as many other genres) is a native of Atlantic Canada, born in Newfoundland and raised in Nova Scotia. She describes herself as a “lifelong dreamer,”  who can’t recall a time when she wasn’t creating in some artistic form. In addition to writing romance, fantasy and horror (which she considers more “dark fantasy” rather than hardcore horror, as she writes it), her interests include the American West (cowboys), the American Civil War, pirates, Greek Gods, Ancient Egypt, Victorian England, and Italy.

Her vampire stories have appeared in Margaret L. Carter’s anthology, The Vampire’s Crypt, and Night To Dawn, originally published and edited by Dawn Callahan and now published by author/editor Barbara A. Custer.

You can find her works she lists as horror here.

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WiH Local Spotlight – A. F. Stewart

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Screenshot 2016-02-25 at 8.57.15 PMMy second spotlight for the week shines on A. F. (Anita) Stewart, a lifelong bluenoser (born and raised) who writes a variety of genre fiction as well as poetry, but has a particular inclination towards the dark and scary.  She describes herself as someone with “an overly creative mind, and an active imagination.”  Her hobbies include reading (especially science fiction/fantasy), action movies, and oil painting.

I’ve never had the good fortune of sharing pages with her, but perhaps sometime in the future this might come to be, especially if someone puts together an anthology of works from Nova Scotian horror writers (we have a fair number here – more than I realized).  She has published books and short stories in several anthologies, which you can find on Amazon here.  Or you can find out more about her works here.

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Local WiH Spotlight – Mandy DeGeit

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Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 7.03.48 PMOkay, I’m off to a slow start because I got so caught up in my research yesterday that I didn’t finish my post.  I have all my posts lined up now, so I’ll have to sneak an extra one in at some point – maybe on the weekend.

My first Women in Horror local star of the day is Mandy DeGeit.   AKA Mandy J De Geit and Mandy DeGeit-da Costa (a newlywed), this lady is in the process of going local. She started off in Ontario but has bought a farm here in Nova Scotia and is moving here so I count her in amongst the Nova Scotian Mistresses of Horror.  She walks the dark and wild side, and strikes me as being a lot of fun.  She describes herself as “gypsy-like/nomadic”, enjoying travel, “an author of creepy fiction,” never offering up anything tame, and “a chef and a farmer, a writer and a wife.”  I live vicariously through her sometimes, especially when she talks about her farm plans and posts pictures of her awesome dishes (I’m a foodie at heart but I don’t get out much.)

I love how risque and bold her horror stories and poems are.  I’ve been lucky enough to share pages with her in a few different anthologies, including the charity anthologies “Shifters” and “Deathlehem Revisited,” and the all women writer “Mistresses of the Macabre”.

If you want to learn more about her published works, check out her Amazon author page or you can find a full list of publications here:

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The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Danger Peligros!

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Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I’m trying to get back to my usual Monday overviews of other writers’ work, in the form of reviews, notice of book releases and info on special promotions. This week’s spotlight is on a travel book with a quirky spin (and people who know me know how much I like quirky.)

I have enough weird and wonderful travel tales of my own, but never had the initiative to put them together in a book (plus my recollections are likely a little fuzzy now.) I can certainly admire the work and talent that it takes to bring real adventures to life with ink and paper (or in this case, digital formatting.)

And how do these writers describe their book? Here’s their blurb:

Explore the best moments, mischief, and mayhem from the adventure travel website No Map Nomads. Whether by boot, by (motor)bike, by boat, or by whatever it takes, Raven and Weifarer will take you along to experience trips from sublime to nearly disastrous. With serendipity tucked into the saddlebags along with some capricious Peligros, every turn leads to the unexpected.

This book includes the complete story arc to Cruise Ship Mutiny, the Cabot Trail on motorcycle, memories of the first motorbike trip to Canada (in October no less), hikes on tropical islands and much more.

I have a personal interest in this book because their travels took them to my home province of Nova Scotia, which I like to think is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You’ll find mention of the Maritimes here in their intro:

What are Peligros? That is a tough one to explain. They are the best and the worst of your day, travel, life. They are what draws us out from safe and comfy homes – the little itches that make such abodes feel too confining, too much the same. They are the essence of that moment when everything has gone horribly wrong and you are left thankful to be alive with parts that still add up to a functional whole. They are that moment when someone you don’t know lends you an unexpected, warm hand. They are when your luck goes from nonexistent to good, because you wouldn’t need good luck if things hadn’t looked scary for a time, now would you?

You know what a Peligro is, only you just didn’t know what to call it.

Raven and I have been traveling since we met on Martha’s Vineyard oh-so-many years ago now. From those early days barely surviving learning to sail on Vineyard Sound to more recent motorcycle trips through the Canadian Maritimes, we’ve had our share of trouble and of luck. Danger Peligros! collects some of those stories of our misadventures so that when you follow a Peligro out the door, you might be a little better informed!

And where can I find this book, you might ask? Try this:

Amazon –

Smashwords –

With a special price of $0.99, for today only.

On a side note, for those following my NaNoWriMo project, Chapter 16 is now available at You can find it at this link:

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