Come See Me at Hal-Con!

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Although I won’t be attending the full weekend at Hal-Con, I will be making a couple of appearances on Sunday,  I will be offering up a solo presentation on alternate histories Sunday morning, and participating in the world-building panel put together by the Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada group Sunday afternoon.   Here is a schedule of Jules Verne Phantastical Society-themed and -sponsored presentations and workshops at Hal-Con:

Friday 26 Oct

1:00 p.m. room 501
Flash Fiction Workshop with Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada

2:00 p.m. room 103
Practical costuming with NERO

3:30 p.m. room 501
Tying History to your novel with Grossman and Wendig

[4:00 p.m. room 502
Librarians: the myth, the mystery]

6:00 p.m. room 106
Representation in SF and Fantasy, with Beiko and Little

6:30 p.m. room 501
Frankenstein at 200, with UKC and SMU professors! Happy birthday to the Modern Prometheus.

8:00 p.m. Grand Parade Square
Gothic Halifax Ghost ‘tour’ with Aulenback

Saturday 27 October

12:15 p.m. room 103
Cosplay and Diversity with Akakioga and Knightmage and Hamm

4:15 p.m. room 501
Ask a Linguist with Gardner

5:15 p.m. room 504
Tea Dueling Workshop with Aulenback

6:30 p.m. room 504
Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World and the beginning of science fiction with Morris

7:00 p.m. room 103
Adding lighting and electronics to cosplay with Clarke and Hirtle

8:00 p.m. level 5 ballroom demo space
Mylar’s Old Time Fashioned Radio Program Showe

Sunday 28 October

10:45 a.m. room 506
Pasts That Never Were with Boudreau

1:00 p.m. room 502
Steampunk and Alternate History with Thompson

2:00 p.m. room 504
Fictional World-building with Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada

4:45 p.m. room 106
Gothic Monsters: Then and Now with DU

If you can be there Friday, as a writer, I highly recommend the GWOAC flash fiction workshop (I helped with one of the handouts) and Tying History to your novel with Grossman and Wendig (I so wish I could attend that one.)

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you there!

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Summer Update – A Reading and More

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I know I’ve been quiet this summer, but as usual, increased hours at work, outdoor activities and my garden has forced me into a bit of a blog hiatus. I do have a few things to mention.

Coming up this weekend, Sunday the 26th to be exact, I’m participating in Hal-Con’s reading series at the Halifax Central Library. The readings start at two in room 301 and I’ll be sharing an excerpt from “The Hack-Jack Prospect,” a cyberpunk fairy-tale mashup that was originally published in the Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers & Swashbucklers from Intrigue Publishing. Room. This will be the second session and this one is with guest, Elaine McCluskey. If you can make it, I hope to see you there.

My noir superhero story, “Amnesty” is now available in print in Crimson Streets #3. My horror story, “Scuttle” is akso available in the Abandon anthology, both released earlier this year.

And perhaps for future reference. I may be participating in as many as three presentations/panels ar Hal-Con proper this year. I’ll only be atteding on the Sunday, so we’ll see how things work out.

More news in the fall…

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Summer’s End

September 26, 2017 at 2:32 am (Links, writing) (, , , , , , )

It’s about time I end my summer “blog hiatus”, and what time better to do it with some thoughts on this year’s Hal-Con.

I decided to make the most of the writing options of my one day there by scheduling as much in as possible. I started things up with a meet-up with a few local writers (which was a fun time) and I followed that up with a Tanya Huff presentation on adapting novels to TV. I made friends with a playwright from California and chatted with an old friend while in line. Tanya had some great stories to share.

The next panel I attended was on women in media – some great questions for the panel and thought-provoking conversation. It convinced me to buy one of the books written by one of the panel members, Tim Hanley (cover at left).

I ended up skipping the next panel I was half interested in attending so I could have some snacks and play a couple of rounds of Munchkin Deluxe. Then it was off to a reading by Tamora Pierce.

The last presentation I attended that day was on writing style. While I agreed with much of the content, there were some minor issues. I’m not sure if the presenter had the credentials to offer themselves up as a “writing expert,” especially considering a lack of publishing experience and some of the technical issues with their slides. There was one notable typo, problems with punctuation in their dialogue examples, referring to something that was clearly a simile as a metaphor and repetition in some samples that wasn’t being used to reinforce a point. All that aside, the presentation was a good one overall and a few rounds with a good editor may help the presenter refine their technical skills.

Supper with a friend followed and then I ended the night by attending the Aurora Awards (congrats to all the nominees and winners.) As I waited for my drive with my daughter and her friend we tried out Chupacabra.

The only hiccups I ran into at the con was an obstacle while trying to pre-register, so that didn’t happen, and a lack of healthy gluten-free snacks/food available at the con. You had to go off site to get that, but it wasn’t terribly far.

My latest writing news will follow tomorrow and my October submission blitz is rapidly approaching. More soon!

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NaNoWriMo Progress Report

November 9, 2013 at 3:04 am (Casualties of War, writing) (, , , , , , )

It’s day 8 and I’m almost at 14,500 words. Not a bad start. Concentrating on NaNo with so much else going on, like Hal-Con this weekend, means I’ve had to take a break from my blog, but I plan on posting the odd progress report, excerpt and maybe on an ambitious day I’ll even share some of my research. I learned a lot about crows while preparing for this novel and I wouldn’t mind preparing a piece on Cascade.

For now, I’m going to focus on getting myself ready for my day at the con tomorrow, including packing away the books I’m bringing with me. I have a couple I’m hoping to get autographed and four copies of my Masters and Renegades novel, Casualties of War. I intend on giving those away to four lucky folks who track me down, dressed in my blacks and purples. I’ll have my daughter with me and at some point I’ll be dropping down to visit the merchant room, where Tyche Books will be selling copies of the Masked Mosaic anthology.

Anyway, back to my preparations and more NaNo writing. I’ll have more to report back after the convention.

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Oodles of October

September 28, 2012 at 11:51 pm (Fervor, horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , , , , , )

Overtime season has finally come to an end for me at my day job, I’m closing in on the last chapter of the first draft of Providence, and my home life is more subdued because the garden has been reaped and the kids are back at school. As much as I might wish this means things will calm down for me, I’m afraid I’m not that fortunate. October is creeping up, after all, and October is the month for horror writers, so October finds me as busy as ever. What do I have on my plate, you may ask? Well how about I share that with you:

Editing, editing, editing – My regular publisher, May December Publications, has experienced a few delays, so the edits for Transcendence I was expecting to review in September have yet to arrive. I’m anticipating they’ll come my way in October. This also means preparing my blurb, my preface and my acknowledgements, all time consuming to some degree. On top of that, Harper Voyager is opening up a brief two week window when they’ll be accepting unsolicited, unagented submissions. I have three manuscripts, Elements of Genocide, Sleep Escapes Us and Intangible, I intend on editing and submitting within that two week span (they’ve all been edited at least once or twice previously, but I’ll be polishing them up again.) By the end of those two weeks, I’ll be lucky if I have any hair left.

Anthologies a plenty – With Halloween approaching, it is prime time horror anthology release season. I know I’ve mentioned these before (in My Hurricane Season), but now I have more details. To begin with, Crooked Cat Publications is releasing their Fear charity anthology, a scary collection of tales from 60 different authors, in two volumes. My phobic tale, “Octavia,” will be appearing in volume one. You can find out more about it at their online launch party on October 3rd. Another anthology from Crowded Quarantine is scheduled for October release, Tales for the Toilet: Volume 1, a horror Johnny reader containing my short tale “And Then the Crow Said ‘Henry'”. I’m also pleased to say that my wicked tale, “Orbs” will be sharing the pages of the Mistresses of the Macabre anthology from Dark Moon Books with other frightful female writers. It had an anticipated October release, but the schedule is not firm and from what I’ve seen with small presses, expect to be flexible.

Preparations Galore – Preparations will be required for two upcoming events. The first is Hal-Con at the end of October. While I won’t be appearing as a guest this year, I will still be there – only with much more freedom to attend panels, hang out and be friendly, and come and go as I please. I’ll also have a backpack full of books and business cards with me and I’m working towards showing up in costume. I’m hoping to see some of you there. The other event is NaNo. I have a great deal of research to do on Lapp mythology, culture and language for my planned “The Trading of Skin” novel. I’ll also be doing more research into North American mythology, for a separate project. I loooove doing research, so this part of my chaos will also be my bliss.

And just a quick mention that I plan on making October a “My Favourite Monster” month for my blog. All my non-review blog postings will offer up something about some of my most-loved monsters, until I start my NaNo blog hiatus in November. I’ll be on the hunt for guest bloggers before then.

Toodles, until oodles, for now!

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