Calling All Horror Fans!

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Calling All Horror Fans! Press Presents: 

Free excerpt from Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2


Zomedy: Dark Humor of the Undead by Chantal Boudreau

Zombies are funny. They may be gross, frightening and tragic, but there is still something ridiculous about them, something that makes you hold back a laugh when you should be shocked or terrified. You’ll find amusing events in even some of the goriest, angst-ridden zombie stories, usually for the sake of comic relief and to give viewers or readers a moment to catch their breath. In some cases, like Fido and Zombieland, the entire premise of the tale is based upon dark comedy, with a variety of images of zombies doing crazy things, or constant references to silly but effective rules created to address the dangers of the apocalypse. In the more dramatic movies, it may be just the odd moment, like when the people shooting zombies from the roof in Dawn of the Dead identify the zombies as celebrities like Burt Reynolds.

Zombies have always made me laugh and when I started writing zombie stories, I found humor leaching into my writing in one form or another. My first story featured a woman feeding brains to her undead husband with a pool hook, a visual that always makes me smile. Zomedy has become an accepted term to describe a zombie spoof, or comedic zombie film, but I think the humor of zombies goes beyond the obvious laughs and the campy (a la Weekend at Bernie’s II). I thought it might be interesting to look at the more common tools of zomedy, both in written and cinematic comedic forms as well as in those genre pieces intended to offer a more serious approach to the undead. I’ve come up with a dozen that are prevalent and easily identifiable.

Zombie Puns: A good pun is the true essence of humor. Even a bad one will at least elicit a chuckle or a groan. Titles of zombie movies and stories are notorious for using puns. One of the Classic zomedies, Shaun of the Dead, used a pun in its title as a humorous way of paying homage to the legendary George Romero. This tool is even more prominent in the written zombie genre, at least in the aspect of a good play on words. One example of this is Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen, with sequels Flip This Zombie, and Eat, Slay, Love. Not only do the titles capture the domestic element of the zombie stories, it also links the stories to items in current culture.

Zombie Animals: Another tactic used to lighten the mood in genre books and movies is the inclusion of zombie animals. I discovered after writing my novelette, Shear Terror, that there was a movie from…

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Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre? Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horror addict’s life.

Our month-by-month almanac with important dates, movie lists, puzzles, crafts, articles, and recipes will guarantee your whole year is occupied with delightful horror activities. Don’t miss our monster guide with articles about vampires, zombies, ghosts, and some creatures that just can’t be categorized. Enjoy interviews with creators of horror content and hear perspectives from different cultures and backgrounds. Read stories of real hauntings, nightmares, and vile vacations.

Allow us to curate your horror lifestyle.

With articles by: A. Craig Newman, A.D. Vick, Alyson Faye, Angela Yuriko Smith, Brian McKinley, CM Lucas, Camellia Rains, Carrie Sessarego, Chantal Boudreau, Courtney Mroch, Crystal Connor, D.J. Pitsiladis, Dan Shaurette, Daphne Strasert, Dee Blake, Emerian Rich, Geneve Flynn, H.E. Roulo, H.R. Boldwood, J. Malcolm Stewart, James Goodridge, Jaq D Hawkins, Jeff Carroll, Jonathan Fortin, Kate Nox, Kay Tracy, Kerry Alan Denney, Kieran Judge, Kristin Battestella, Ksenia Murray, Lee Murray, Lionel Ray Green, Loren Rhoads, M.D. Neu, Mark Orr, Martha J. Allard, Michael Fassbender, Mimielle, Naching T. Kassa, Pamela K. Kinney, Priscilla Bettis, R.J. Joseph, R.L. Merrill, Rena Mason, Renata Pavrey, Rhonda R. Carpenter, Russell Holbrook, Selah Janel, Steven P. Unger, Sumiko Saulson, Tabitha Thompson, Theresa Braun, Trinity Adler, Valjeanne Jeffers.

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    It takes skill to mix humor and horror. Love it!

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