Let’s Blitz Again – October 2016 #2

October 3, 2016 at 11:07 pm (writing) (, , , , , )

45373_10150228486365032_6006474_n-editedI normally try to work in a fair amount of writing during the summer and by the time December rolls around I’m feeling a little burnt out. This year, after my trip to France, I just couldn’t seem to make the time. I had enough backlog stories looking for homes and potential reprints that I decided to let things go until October, only completing a couple of short stories from the point when I got home until now. I want to change up my blitz format next year, adding a new one in January to bring my annual submission numbers up over 100 (92 during the blitzes and a few more during the rest of the year) and I want to go into that fresh, not burnt out.

I’m also not being as selective about where I submit. I have no plans to submit to any “for the love” venues, but otherwise, anything goes. Most of my between-blitz submissions are for pro-rate calls so I’m going to loosen up a little when it comes to my older unpublished originals that have already suffered through a few rejections. I might really like one of my stories, but my tastes are eclectic. Once it had been turned down more than ten times, maybe it’s meant for a more niche venue.

Today’s submission was a newer weird tale to a venue I’ve only submitted to once before. It’s worth a second try.

Wish me luck – more submissions to follow.


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