Wine Fair

July 16, 2016 at 2:23 pm (Links) (, , , , , )

winefairThe incident at Nice on the 14th had everyone here a bit shaken up, but we still have to go on with life.  I only have a few more days of vacation, and I still want to make the best of them.

Today we piled in the car and headed out to Sigoulès for the annual wine fair.  They had the town square decorated with pretty yellow and orange ribbons as well as booths for a wide variety of food vendors, artisans and wineries.  They also had a stage for live entertainment but that wasn’t scheduled to start until the evening.  That meant the place wan’t overly crowded just yet and we could enjoy without dealing with a boisterous throng.

Many of the wineries were offering tastings – too many to sample every one without staggering home drunk, so we had to be selective.  We did sample a couple of nice reds at one booth for a Bergerac winery (and my Mom bought a bottle of the 2012 to go with supper – it had nice, smooth earthy flavour.)

We also sample red at another booth and picked up a bottle of chilled rosee at a third.  But the star of the trip not only offered the best rosee I’ve ever tasted (a gold medal winner), but they also had one of the most charming and cunning salesperson I’ve ever met.

The booth belonged to les Terres des Templiers who have a vineyard/winery on a mountainside close to the sea.  The vines are scattered on the mountainside, not in rows, at a 45 degree angle.  The pickers go in on ropes with baskets on their backs and hand pick the grapes which are drained naturally giving their wines amazing clarity. They are a small business offering exceptional quality and for quality control purposes, they are direct sell only.  They don’t sell through the stores.  They also don’t sell by individual bottle.  You have to order by 6 or 12 bottles and they deliver direct to home.  Sadly. this means I can’t get their wonderful wine in Canada, so I had to enjoy what I got to taste at the fair.

Their tale was interesting and their salesperson clearly believed in their prize-winning product (it was absolutely delicious.) My parents ordered some wine and took their card so they could organize one of their wine-tasting parties.  The can also be found on Facebook at .

The fair was a lot of fun, despite the heat and I’m looking forward to going to a different market fair tomorrow in Issigeac (a basket fair,) a writers gathering here at the castle in Eymet and lastly a dinner out at Le Bastide.  I think by Monday I’ll be all touristed out (and I leave on Tuesday.)

No excerpt today because I had too much to say about today’s adventures.  We’ll see if I can squeeze one in tomorrow.


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