April Blitz 2016: And Two Pro-Rates Make a Dozen

April 13, 2016 at 12:10 am (fantasy, horror, writing) (, , , , , )

45039_10150227155645032_1577412_nI received my first rejection for this blitz today, but that didn’t discourage me from sending out not one, but two, pro-rate venue submissions, one fantasy and one horror (#11 and #12.) They are new venues for my submissions, but I sent them two stories I really enjoy, one of which has had “maybe”s from pro-rate venues in the past, and the other too new to know how it might fare. I had only sent it to one pro-rate venue prior to this, and they folded, cancelling that submission call as a result before I received a response. This is my first and only re-submission so far, so fingers crossed. The hubby described it as “disturbing” which is a compliment where horror is concerned.

On a happy note, I was informed of a tentative May release date for another anthology containing one of my stories, making it two for May.  I’m still waiting for word on the other four nearing release.  One is looking at July, but not giving a proposed date yet.  The other three are up in the air.

I finished a horror story today and ran it past my teenage daughter.  Reading aloud allows for better editing and if it gets better than a “meh” from her, it has potential.  She liked it.

More blitz later…


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