Local WiH Spotlight – Mandy DeGeit

February 24, 2016 at 11:14 pm (horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , )

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 7.03.48 PMOkay, I’m off to a slow start because I got so caught up in my research yesterday that I didn’t finish my post.  I have all my posts lined up now, so I’ll have to sneak an extra one in at some point – maybe on the weekend.

My first Women in Horror local star of the day is Mandy DeGeit.   AKA Mandy J De Geit and Mandy DeGeit-da Costa (a newlywed), this lady is in the process of going local. She started off in Ontario but has bought a farm here in Nova Scotia and is moving here so I count her in amongst the Nova Scotian Mistresses of Horror.  She walks the dark and wild side, and strikes me as being a lot of fun.  She describes herself as “gypsy-like/nomadic”, enjoying travel, “an author of creepy fiction,” never offering up anything tame, and “a chef and a farmer, a writer and a wife.”  I live vicariously through her sometimes, especially when she talks about her farm plans and posts pictures of her awesome dishes (I’m a foodie at heart but I don’t get out much.)

I love how risque and bold her horror stories and poems are.  I’ve been lucky enough to share pages with her in a few different anthologies, including the charity anthologies “Shifters” and “Deathlehem Revisited,” and the all women writer “Mistresses of the Macabre”.

If you want to learn more about her published works, check out her Amazon author page or you can find a full list of publications here:  http://mandydegeit.wordpress.com/publications/


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