Off to a Start

January 21, 2016 at 12:14 am (Links, writing) (, , , , , )

11411625_828063760601992_934110053421441574_oI was planning to save my next blog post for the next anthology release. It’s now available so here’s a link to the latest charity anthology from Grinning Skull Press.

I’m still waiting on three other releases from three other publishers. One is going through the editing process now. One was tied up by legal issues that have been settled but required some reworking as a result. The other has hit multiple unfortunate obstacles, but hopefully will soon see the light. Almost everything is in place but no release date has actually been set for any of them…so I sit…and I wait. Okay, I’m not simply sitting, but more about that later.

I have a couple of stories I was trying to decide if I should submit to another publisher. One got mixed reviews from test readers that spawned some doubts. A part of me wishes I could expand the story a little more but I ran into the top end of the word count restrictions and despite editing efforts, I couldn’t find enough give. I decided to send it in “as is.” The last time I was foiled by word count limitations, the editor who eventually accepted the story gave me leeway to go a bit bigger so that I could expand on what I had a little. This submission is to the same publisher but a different editor, so I can’t expect the same consideration.

The other story is based on true events and outside my normal genre. I already had one rejection from that venue and I’m not sure why. They said they liked my writing but passed on the story. I’m not sure if this new attempt is more like what they wanted or even farther off base.

That, and with winter’s snow comes the wall I often hit this time of year. I don’t know if I suffer from SAD, but I get a bit mopey in the winter and that dulls the enthusiasm I need to push things out, It’s the reason I prefer spring and fall submission blitzes, Summer is for gardening and winter is for glum.

In my attempt to combat that glum, I continue with jugger on Sundays and I have tried out trabampolining (as my friend, Gil, likes to call it) and dodgeball I’m hoping the best cure for the winter blahs is staying active and attempting to have fun (I’m not a huge fan of dodgeball but it was fun because nobody cared how bad I was.) I’m not sure if staying active is working. Time will tell.

I hope I can figure out what does work by February. I have two weeks off then, and I want to make the most of them.

More later…


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