October 2015 Submission Blitz Overview

November 7, 2015 at 3:01 am (Links, writing) (, , , , , )

Young AdventurersThis October’s blitz started with a bang and ended with a bit of a whimper – but I did get all 31 submissions in for the month. Honestly, I need to get back to writing regularly, which I should be able to do now that things won’t be quite as busy (but still busy) at work and I should hopefully be purchasing a new netbook shortly. Once I have something with ample battery longevity that can’t be reclaimed by my daughter on a whim, I can start writing something meaningful again, I hope. I haven’t felt very inspired lately and maybe that will change with some technical motivation.

I also happen to have a new sense of hope I haven’t had in a long time. I’m thrilled with what’s going on politically in Canada at the moment – bright skies and sunshine of the metaphorical kind. It’s enough to get me to break the usual political silence I try to aim for. My mouth will likely get me in trouble because if I do speak, I tend to be extremely outspoken, but I just can’t help myself, with happy victories for feminism and representational diversity…well, this is much more like the Canada I want to live in. It also happens to fall in line with a book idea my hubby has been pressing me to write. If I start to open up about my real thoughts on socio-political issues, the book will be much easier to write.

And in other writing news? I can happily say I got an honourable mention in a flash fiction writing competition  and one of the anthologies I’m in is now available for pre-order . They are even offering up a little contest with the chance to win some books. I’ll describe it as I sign off for the day:

PHOTO CONTEST TIME: Everyone who posts a photo with the book (authors have their own ARCs they can lend to locals if you want to participate pre-release) on our page and their own Facebook page (or any other social media site) will be in the running for one of 5 prizes. Each of the 5 winners will receive a copy of the anthology and another Intrigue Publishing novel of our choice. Winners will be chosen pretty much at random, but the coolest poses, locations and outfits will have a big edge.

If you live in the Halifax area and want in early, contact me so we can set something up.

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