Blitz Follow-up

May 9, 2015 at 10:31 pm (writing) (, , , , , )

zombie2I would happily take a handful of rejections over hayfever any day. Unfortunately, I’m afflicted by both right now. I haven’t received very many rejections yet, mostly from pro-rate or SF venues, and just the one acceptance as of yet, so it’s still a matter of waiting. I was a little disappointed that the “maybe” that had come back turned into a “no,” but at least they described my story as “high quality.”
As for the hayfever, that has proven to be a severe annoyance this year. I’ve only had to endure mild symptoms it the past but this year I swear these allergies are seriously out to get me. If the lack of sleep or oxygen deprivation hasn’t done me in before the end of the weekend, then I might survive gardening this year even if it means suffering to see it through.

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