Happy Valentine’s Day from HorrorAddicts.net

February 15, 2015 at 4:05 am (writing)

What follows is dark and twisted – if you are easily offended, do not read on…


Happy Valentine’s Day, addicts! For your reading pleasure we have a sinfully delicious, naughty tale by our friend Chantal. Enjoy. 🙂


by Chantal Boudreau

He wasn’t the first.

She remembered him as he was when she initially brought him home.  She had found him repugnant.  She had purposefully picked out the homeliest goth at the event: short, balding, pudgy, pale in a “too much time spent under office lighting” way – waxy and gray – rather than the moonlight pale of the ghostly shroud of death.  His clothing hadn’t fit properly, bulging in places and pinched in others, possibly loaners and cheap either way.

She hadn’t minded any of it.  If all went well, she knew she was going to make him beautiful.  Her prize well won.  He hadn’t failed her.  She expected flaws in the beginning.  All canvases started as stark, coarse and somewhat bumpy.  The art was in what…

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