10 Simple Questions – Bellator Edition – Diana L. Wicker

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My third interview for Bellator spotlights the other half of the dynamic storywriting duo, Diana L. Wicker:

1) Who are you?

Diana L. Wicker  I am an indie- author of YA fantasy from the US.

2) What have you written, and in particular, what have you written for Bellator?  

My currently available works are The Dreamweaver’s Journey and The Guardian Child’s Return.  I hope to have a third book, Legacy of Mist and Shadow, available for the holiday season.
For Bellator I had the distinct pleasure of co-writing the story “Outside the Walls” with Alexandra Butcher.

3) I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but why do you write?

Stress relief, relaxation, escape, enjoyment – Sometimes there are stories that just need to be told.  🙂

4) Do you have a preferred theme or topic?  Are warriors your typical thing?

Warriors are not my typical to my current writings, although I do love stories, movies, TV shows, and games with warriors.  

My currently published works are narrated by the Storyteller of Feyron.  She tends to begin her tales in the middle of things, so to speak, with the historical period known as The Age of Awakenings.  The first book, “The Dreamweaver’s Journey”, follows the first Dreamweaver to come of age in over three hundred years on a quest across the four Realms of Light within Feyron. The second book, “The Guardian Child’s Return”, follows a group of young adventurers beyond the Realms of Light to a place that few knew could even be reached.  The third book will take place, for the first time, on a world Beyond Feyron.

5) Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

A plotter all the way.  It works well with my natural OCD, organizational personality.  I like lists, outlines, schedules, and calendars.

6) What do you like most about writing?

Hmm, that is a tough question.  I’d have to say, the opportunity to travel anywhere my imagination can take me, and the prospect of taking the reader right along with me.

7) What challenges you the most about writing?

I’d have to say my biggest challenge is finding time to write.  Writing is not my full time job.  I am a working mother with very active children.  I often have long breaks between writing opportunities and have to struggle to pick back up on the flow of a project to get back into it.

8) Who or what inspires you most?

I don’t know that I have any one thing that inspires me “most”.  At the most basic level, I could simply say that “life” inspires me.  More specifically I’d say I love a good story that is presented well – reading a good tale, watching a good film, or even playing a well written role playing game so that I can interact with the story.

9) What are your plans for the future?

Let me see, the Works in Progress list…As I mentioned above, I hope to have the third story from The Age of Awakenings ready for the holidays.  I have a short story set in progress, the sort of tales of lore that the youth of Feyron would have heard growing up.  I have an outline for a series from an older age of Feyron’s history, The Age of Fading, and a draft of the first story for that set.  I have a few ideas for a new tale from the Age of Awakenings, but nothing outlined yet.  

10) Why Bellator?

I was so excited when Mia contacted me to submit a story for an anthology for her.  I quickly tagged my favorite co-writer, Alex Butcher.  I am so excited that our story is appearing in Bellator.  I have friends and family who have served, or are currently serving, and my father was a PTSD psychiatrist.  I feel privileged to participate in such a wonderful project to assist the Wounded Warriors Project.

Check out Diana’s books at:

The Dreamweaver’s Journey http://www.amazon.com/The-Dreamweavers-Journey-Awakenings-ebook/dp/B00A111KL6


The Guardian Child’s Return http://www.amazon.com/The-Guardian-Childs-Return-ebook/dp/B00CQF9FMG


And you can find her website at: https://talesfromfeyron.squarespace.com/welcome

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