April Submission Blitz – It Doesn’t Make Sense

April 16, 2014 at 11:38 pm (writing) (, , , , , , )

I was looking into possible pro-rate venues (I found one for “Battling the Shikome”) when I noticed that despite the fact that the greater part of publishers now accept some form of electronic submissions (e-mail, Submittable, custom submission forms, etc.) there are a few pro-rate venues that still only accept print.

I’m not surprised when it comes to publishers of literary fiction. They are prone to holding to old ways and when they’ve been in the business for decades, sometimes it’s difficult to embrace new business processes. When it comes to genre fiction though, especially a venue specializing in science fiction, I expect something more. Their fiction is premised on what is to come, on new technologies and possibilities, on observing the universe with an open-mind. So when they reject current technologies being used to facilitate processes in their industry, technologies that will help increase access on an international level, I consider that a strange contradiction and a little backwards.

I don’t write much science fiction so I’m not likely to submit to SF exclusive venues anyway, but some offer multiple speculative fiction genres and I find it frustrating and disappointing to run into “print submission only” calls for submission. Sending anything via the mail is ridiculously expensive in Canada (we just got hit with a 33% increase in the cost of domestic postage) and entirely unnecessary in this day and age. If I have to send it outside of Canada, then there’s the additional problem of coming up with foreign postage for the SASE envelope they always require.

I’ve made a few exceptions for a couple of “print submissions only” venues here in Canada, and I did struggle with the task of sending a handful of print submissions to the US more than a decade ago, when electronic submissions were rare, but it is no longer worth the cost and tremendous inconvenience. I have many other options.

So I guess when it comes to certain venues, I’m out of luck. Maybe that will change someday when they decide to get with the times.

It would only make sense.


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