April Submission Blitz – Double Ding

April 16, 2014 at 12:24 am (writing) (, , , , , )

So “Gaia’s Gift” is back out in the big bad world today, likely to come back as it is vying for a lone slot this time, and I started work on an adult variant of a fairy tale for another submission. Today also marked a double ding – two novel rejections within eleven minutes of one another. I wasn’t really holding my breath for an acceptance from this new offshoot from one of the big five, so there wasn’t much in the way of disappointment, but it was worth a shot. I’m still waiting on the third rejection, which I expect to come soon. It went into a different slush pile though, because it was in a different category, so I may not see it for another couple of days.

This marks the halfway point in my submission blitz and I don’t see any problem with reaching my “30 submissions in 30 days” goal. I haven’t even started retracting year old submissions to resubmit yet. I might be doing that towards the end of the month, but with the rejections coming in so far, I won’t be struggling with last minute flash fiction this blitz.

Back to more writing.

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