April Submission Blitz – Stretching

April 8, 2014 at 10:58 pm (writing) (, , , , , , )

My submission today was a story I wrote in a genre that is not normally my genre of choice. There are a variety of reasons why I might stretch myself beyond my comfort zone from time to time. Sometimes I feel the need to challenge myself. Sometimes I’m inspired by a particular idea or call for submissions. Sometimes I just do it for a crazy lark.

The results? To be honest with you, I wouldn’t describe the results as my best work, but I wouldn’t describe it as a total failure either – and I grow from the experience. The stories from these experiments tend to bend to the bizarre, more weird than wonderful, but some folks still enjoy them. I’m not prepared to discount any of them on that basis alone. I’ve noticed some of my stories that have been accepted in the past were not the ones at the top of my favourite lists, while some of my preferred tales have been the victim of multiple rejections to date (and in some instances, nasty attacks.) You can never account for other people’s tastes. For that reason, I tend to submit everything I’ve completed, even if I’m not entirely sure if they are deserving of an acceptance. Some of them have yielded a “yes” when I was expecting a “no”.

So I’ll continue stretching myself, for what it’s worth. Maybe I’ll discover another genre that I like as much as my current favourites.


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