Horror in the Green

March 18, 2014 at 2:50 am (dark fantasy, horror, Links, Reviews) (, , )

I was inspired by a Horror Addicts blog post to write about my own experiences with Irish horror for St. Paddy’s Day. I have to confess, I love Irish horror flicks. I think the average lower budget Irish horror movie is superior to comparably financed ones from other English-speaking countries.

I’m not just talking Irish-themed movies as discussed in “EVIL St. Patrick’s Day Watching?” (although I have watched Leprechaun, as well as Grabbers, Citadel and Shrooms which they included in that post and many of the flicks mentioned were filmed on the Emerald Isle). I’m specifically talking films I’ve enjoyed that were filmed in Ireland by Irish filmmakers and that have nothing to do with Leprechauns or Little People.

There’s something about Irish sensibilities that seem to make their scary stories scarier.

The first Irish film that really “grabbed” me was “Grabbers.” It sounded hokey at first glance, and I watched it as a lark, but it turned out to be a pretty good horror movie – quite scary with reasonable cinematography and acting. I suspect the same film made in North America would have turned out campy and formulaic with less flavour.

“Citadel” was startling and had me cringing and jumping, but I hadn’t even realized it was Irish. I didn’t enjoy it as much as “Grabbers”. The plot wasn’t as solid and there were slow points, but it was still worth the watch and better than many other lower budget films I’ve wasted my time watching.

“Shrooms” was a little more like your typical slasher/serial killer movie with an Irish setting. It had the suggestion of the supernatural and a fair amount of gore, with an entertaining twist (but not entirely unexpected.) It had plenty of moments that made me jump but it was likely my least favourite of the Irish horror fare I’ve experienced.

Last night, I watched “Dark Touch,” absent from the Horror Addicts list, about a girl who seems to be associated with some sort of malignant spirit and/or has telekinetic powers. There were many moments in this movie that were chilling and disturbing.

Now that I know I have this preference, I’ll be watching out for other Irish spooky delights, and I’ll likely go looking for the others included on Horror Addicts list. I just might find some more horror gems in the green.


  1. Sumiko Saulson said,

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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  2. Katy Mann said,

    Hello from the Writer’s event. I love horror movies, so I’ll keep my eyes open for Dark Touch.

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