Women in Horror – Things in Store for February

February 1, 2014 at 11:12 pm (horror, writing) (, , , , , )

After a prolonged break from my blog due to NaNoWriMo, the holidays and some family issues, I’ve decided to make an earnest effort to return to blogging. Women in Horror month gives me a good excuse along with three anthologies containing some of my work with anticipated February release dates. In addition to posting release information for the anthologies, I’ll be posting spotlights on a variety of my female horror-writing cohorts as well as some of my long-time favourites in the genre.

Several of the women in my spotlight posts are participants in The Grotesquerie, an all woman writer horror anthology, being released this month from Mocha Memoirs Press. I’ve shared pages with a few of these ladies before, such as Rie Sheridan Rose and Lisamarie Lamb, and the anthology has given me an opportunity to meet some other kindred spirits. It will be my third stint in an all female writer anthology, along with Hell Hath no Fury and Mistresses of the Macabre.

Another of the anthologies due for release isn’t horror but it is being released in February from Seventh Star Press in paired volume of dark and light. As opposed to what folks might expect, my tale is appearing in the light volume, A Chimerical World: Tales of the Seelie Court, although it’s actually a rather sad tale. I’m absolutely in love with the matching covers to the two volumes and I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hand.

The last anticipated February release will be the next charity anthology to contain one of my stories, Let’s Scare Cancer to Death from May December Press. I wrote up a zombie story for the book, in honour of Barb McQueen.

So that’s what’s in store for February. I look forward to showcasing a number of great women in horror over the next few weeks.


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