Even the Strong…

January 30, 2014 at 11:57 am (writing)

Guild Of Dreams

I’m sure I’ve addressed this in my blog before but I still think it’s important enough for ongoing attention. In my opinion, the possibility of having to deal with mental illness or disability doesn’t arise enough in genre fiction storylines, fantasy included – at least not as much as a proper attempt at realism would demand. Sure, you’ll see psychotic villains with a range of mental illnesses, it’s acceptable for the bad guy to be “crazy,” or a less than admirable anti-hero displaying some disorder or another as an explanation for deviance or unethical ways, but you aren’t nearly as likely to see it in heroes or secondary characters. This begs the question “why?”

One would think, under the stresses, traumas and difficulties most genre fiction heroes face, they’d be inclined to suffer a break here or there even if they might otherwise be reasonably stable. Post traumatic stress disorder…

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