October Submission Blitz – Evil Eye

October 7, 2013 at 10:37 pm (horror, writing) (, , , , , , , )

Two submissions today to make up for yesterday’s miss. Sometimes family trumps things writing associated and I spent the day on an outing with my daughter followed by housework, so the submission got skipped. But I made up for it today, sending out “The Storyteller’s Affliction” to one pro-rate anthology and “Come into her Garden,” my second rejection so far from this blitz, off to another anthology. We’ll see if anything comes from either of these two.

I did more work on “Laying on Hands” and did a head count of available stories I have on my plate. After sending out those two today, I have ten that haven’t been published or submitted. That means I have to supplement that with fourteen more new stories or reprints if no other rejections come back before month’s end. That or I have to edit The Trading of Skin for submission somewhere – perhaps RoC. We’ll see what I can manage before the 31st.

I hope to have release news for Prisoners of Fate very soon – my publisher tells me its close.

My horror trope for today is the evil eye. You see this in many a horror story or movie, often belonging to some gypsy, medium or witch who curses a major character. Sometimes they can see things that others cannot, be it demonic creatures roaming mostly invisible in our world or bad things to come in the future. When thinking of evil eyes, I often think of the gypsy who curses the protagonist in Stephen King’s “Thinner.” It’s a great horror scene which the hateful man brings upon himself through his selfish, loathsome actions.

Anyway, back to “Laying on Hands” – more later.

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