Here or There

October 1, 2013 at 8:52 am (writing)

Guild Of Dreams

By Chantal Boudreau

I often get asked if my Fervor series is set in a far future version of our world or someplace altogether different. I won’t answer that. I want the possibility that it could be us in future without defining the story that way, leaving it open to either interpretation. Some people may not like the fact that I won’t share my own impressions, but I’d rather they focus on the social and political commentary within the story rather than whether or not I’m saying it’s something I’m projecting for our future if we keep to a certain path. It shouldn’t matter if it’s here or there – the fact that anyone could see it as something that might happen should say enough all on its own.

I’ve had that criticism before with other stories – that people want the location defined for my urban fantasy romance or…

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