10 Simple Questions – WWW Edition – Leigh M. Lane

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Another of my fellow Wicked Women Writers is joining me here today (perhaps the last for this year’s run). She has an impressive amount of work out there, and apparently doesn’t procrastinate as badly as I do:

1) Who are you?

My name is Leigh M. Lane, and I’m just another creative mind looking for a place in this world (I’d be happy with a place in any world – CB).  I write speculative fiction spanning from science fiction to horror, with thirteen novels under my belt and too many short stories to count.  Six of my novels have been published through a small press under Lisa Lane, and I’ve published four through my own independent imprint, Cerebral Books.  I’m married to editor Thomas B. Lane, Jr., and we have a very spoiled Maine coon mix named Kadie. (Sweet – CB)

2) What have you written and in particular, what have you written that’s wicked?

Nearly everything I’ve written is wicked in one way or another.  My Lisa Lane novels are all very twisted erotica, most notably erotic horror (double sweet – CB),
and my speculative works all have a disturbingly dark side to them.  I’d say my most wicked novel is Finding Poe, which I wrote as sort of a tribute to the master of Gothic horror.  It contains a couple of scenes that creeped me out when I wrote them, and the underlying theme is jarringly surreal.  Of my short stories, the most wicked is unquestionably “The Descent Upstairs,” which is a part of the Mirages: Tales From Authors of the Macabre anthology.  It’s about a woman driven into a homicidal rage by relentlessly loud upstairs neighbors (I’ve had loud upstairs neighbours…CB).

3) I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but why do you write?

I write because I have to.  The muses fill my head with ideas, characters, and alliterative phrases, and if I don’t release them onto the page, they build like steam in a tea kettle.  While it is doubtful that I’d start blowing steam from my ears, it sure feels like it sometimes.  I also write to express my thoughts on the various evils over which I have no control; I can’t stop them, but I can write about them and maybe make a difference that way.  Some of the worst monsters imaginable are people, you know (do I ever – CB).

4) Do you have a preferred theme or topic (zombies, serial killers, demons, etc…)?

My preferred theme is social evils, although insanity is also up there.  I write a lot of third-person dystopian literature (I’m starting to see why this year’s WWW appealed to you – CB), but I do also make good use of the first-person unreliable narrator.  I like to play with readers’ perceptions, really take their minds for a spin.

5) Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

Both.  I like to be organized when I write, so I begin with as detailed of an outline as I can manage before I sit down to write the actual story.  With that said, the muses often have their own ideas as to where a given story should go, so usually I find myself working around their changes, ever revising my outlines in an attempt to stay one step ahead of them (although they’re always at least two or three steps ahead of me).

6) What do you like most about writing?

Writing is the ultimate form of self-expression (for those of us who can’t dance – CB) and, as I’m often too timid to express myself outside my prose, it’s the outlet I need to feel like I’m putting myself out there.  It is satisfying in a way few other activities are.

7) What challenges you the most about writing?

I’m a terrible procrastinator, often dropping a manuscript for several days—sometimes weeks—at a time.  I allow discouragement and health issues to get the best of me, which is a bad place for anyone—not just creative types—to flounder through.

8) Who or what inspires you most?

Exceptional writing in any format—prose, television, film, music—inspires me to work on raising my own bar.  I love art for art’s sake; it refuels my muses.

9) What are your plans for the future?

I have no plans beyond continuing to write the best stories I possibly can.  I’ve found life often gets in the way of even the most carefully laid plans, so I’ve learned to let life lead me where it will and to do my best to enjoy the ride (but don’t forget your seatbelt – CB).

10) Why Wicked Women Writers?

I love a good challenge.

Excellent! If you want to learn more about Leigh, check her out at: http://www.cerebralwriter.com/

and don’t forget to listen to her story and all the others in the challenge at: http://horroraddicts.wordpress.com/2013/09/06/wicked-women-writers-challenge/

– and vote for your favourite!

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