A Current Endeavor – Closing in on the End

September 23, 2013 at 9:00 pm (fantasy, horror, Links, Reviews, The Snowy Barrens trilogy, writing) (, , , , , , , )

I’m part way through Chapter 19 of Endeavor with only one chapter to go after this, and I’m hoping to see the last of this first draft by the end of the month. Being a horror writer, October is always a very busy month for me, with book releases and Halloween celebrations. I also have a Submission Blitz planned for this October since the one in April went so well. Here are a few of the things I have coming up:

My first chance at buying my work in a local bookstore! Dead North, an anthology containing one of my short stories is being released by Exile Editions in October. It has already received a great review and it is available for pre-order.

Horrified Press has announced the release of their horror anthology ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’ edited by Suzie Lockhart & Bruce Lockhart which “dares you to confront the dark behind your eyelids, as no-one is safe to dream in this collection of frightening tales from some of the biggest names in horror.” I have a story in that one. ‘Nightmare Stalkers & Dream Walkers’ will be available in both digital and print formats.

The release of Prisoners of Fate, the third book in my Masters and Renegades series is rapidly approaching. Here’s a sneak peek (above) at the cover. I’ll share more news as it becomes available and I’ll soon be offering up “The Field Test” a teaser tale for the novel involving Urwick, one of the main characters (he was Barb’s favourite character in the series).

Also, I’m hoping to finally release the third book in my Snowy Barrens trilogy. I’ve been procrastinating there, dragging my feet on the last few details.

And finally, I’m eying November and NaNoWri Mo. I’m not sure if I’ll be participating this year. Without Barb to push me, I doubt I can meet the pace required. If I do go for it, I won’t be working on anything new, but attempting to put 50,000 more words into “Sifting the Ashes,” which will bring me close to finishing that novel. We’ll see – I just don’t have the inspiration or enthusiasm without her around.

Anyway, back to Chapter 19…

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