10 Simple Questions – WWW Edition

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With D. M. Slate

The next Interview on my roster of Wicked Women Writers competitors – a lovely lady by the name of Danyelle:

  1. Who are you?

    Hi! My name is Danyelle, and I write under the name of D.M. Slate. I live in Colorado, but guess what – I hate skiing… 😉 (So do I. Skiing…blech! – CB) Fishing, camping and hiking are activities that I enjoy, though. I’m 31 years old (just a young’un – CB), and am married to my high school sweet-heart. We have 2 young kids, a business, and 8 pets that keep us busy! (Do chickens count as pets? If they do, I have her beat – CB)

  2. What have you written and in particular, what have you written that’s wicked?

    In 2009 my first novella was released. Day 94 is based upon world apocalypse, in the form of disease epidemic. A young family fights all odds, barricaded within their home, as the world crumbles around them. Jasmine keeps a journal of the events – until she reaches day 94…

    Isolated was my first novel, and its terror is drawn from a real-life experience that my husband and I found ourselves in, deep within the Mexican jungle. We obviously made it out okay (are you sure about that? – CB)… but my characters aren’t so lucky – muhahahahha!

    Roots of Deceit is a paranormal horror novel, stretching the span of 5 decades. Old farmer Peterson finally comes to the realization that the secrets of the past aren’t easily buried, as the tortured soul of a young girl plagues the new city folk who buy the property next-door.

    After the release of the last book, I changed focus a bit, and began writing shorter stories. Grizzly Possibilities is a flash fiction story featured in the Frightmares anthology, dealing with an unfortunate camping experience. I also have a short story in Morpheus Tales Apocalypse Special Addition called Sun Catcher. In this version of apocalypse the sun has exploded, causing a chain of events that destroy humanity. Survivors are forced to join the NWS. If they run and hide, and are found…they become dinner.

    (Woo! She has been busy – CB)

  3. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but why do you write?

    I have a VERY overactive imagination – the kind of person who scares themselves in the dark – LOL! I love the ability to create an alternate reality – and then move all the “players” around, seeing what happens. It’s almost like a game of chess, and I have to outsmart my opponent…which is really just myself. (Is she saying she plays with herself? – CB) Then, I get to weave all the complexities of the plot throughout the story, never revealing too much, too soon. I like the challenge of it all.

  4. Do you have a preferred theme or topic (zombies, serial killers, demons, etc…)?

    I like real-life situations… things that could plausibly happen, under certain circumstances. In general, I tend to write more on a psychological level… how do people react when you put them in ______ scenario. I like to focus on human nature – and the driving forces behind each of the character’s actions. (favourites of mine as well – CB)

  5. Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

    For books, I’m a plotter – for sure. I tend to work backward. I know how things are going to end, but then I need to figure out all of the events leading up to the ending (Just like me! – CB). I make a massive “web”, linking all of my major events, before I ever start writing.

    On the short stories – I fly by the seat of my pants (Not like me… – CB).

  6. What do you like most about writing?

    Creative freedom. This is my “world”, and I can make whatever happen in the story that I want. It’s invigorating. (Like a cold shower – CB)

  7. What challenges you the most about writing?

    Finding the time to write is one of my main challenges. I work full time in addition to owning a business, and I have a family (and a small zoo) as well. Trying to find a happy balance is always difficult. Beyond that, finding the right publisher is always tricky, as well.

  8. Who or what inspires you most?

    My inspiration is a deep burning within my soul. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a child… but I’m also a logical person, so I opted for a business career, instead of writing. I’ve accomplished the goal of getting published, but that is only the 1st step in my personal journey. (This all sounds so familiar – CB) Making the switch from hobby to career is something that I strive for.
    That internal drive to succeed is what inspires me the most.

  9. What are your plans for the future?

    I have 2 current WIP’s: a survival horror novella called Moral Frostbite, and a psychological thriller novel, Oculus Sinister. My plans are to attend the International Thrillerfest conference in NY next year, and hopefully catch the eye of an agent. 😉 (with a sharpened hook? – CB)

  10. Why Wicked Women Writers?

    I love a challenge – and this caught my eye right away, especially since the theme was apocalypse. After I got my specific scenario, I was truly challenged. I had to research quantum physics to understand strange matter, and at that point it became clear that a gasmask as a weapon would do little against a black hole – LOL! My characters were unable to leave the interstate, so in the end, I chose darkness as the constraint that would keep them on the road.

    The podcast was a completely new experience for me – so I liked that aspect, as well. This was the 1st time I’ve ever recorded a story, and I learned SO much in the process. It was a really fun experience to be part of!!

    There you go; she has 10 years on me but I have 3 chickens on her …that sounds dirty 😛 Plus she picked up on the podcast thing quickly while this is my third year and I’m still a podcast dunce. Proof you can’t teach an old chicken new tricks. Such is life *shrug*

Thanks Danyelle! Find out more about D. M. at:

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