A Current Endeavor – Quiet

August 28, 2013 at 9:53 pm (Fervor, writing) (, , , , , , )

I haven’t posted in quite some time, but that’s in part because I went on vacation for two weeks and decide to make it a true vacation in that I stopped any extraneous activities that felt like work to me – even regular posts on social media.

Blogging is definitely work. Like many writers I’m an introvert and aside from my stories, I’m not inclined to communicate. A relaxing day for me is writing, artwork, gardening, playing a few computer games or puzzles, reading or floating happily in the water at some beach. Note that these are all solitary activities. I like doing many of these activities side-by-side with my friends or family, but I don’t engage easily, sometimes to my husband’s irritation who I know expects more sharing. That is what a relationship is supposed to be about after all, but that’s just not me.

Even fun social activities, like parties, are uncomfortable for me. I used to enjoy them, but I don’t relate to old friends anymore. Many of them don’t have kids and certainly not autistic ones. Most of them don’t understand my obsession with writing. Most of them have more to their lives than work, family and writing. I end up talking about writing to the odd person who is interested, or maybe gardening to a few other hobby gardeners, but that’s about it. Otherwise I feel very much out of place at social gatherings. The typical extrovert just doesn’t get me.

I like the quiet…no, make that, I love the quiet, and after going offline, and tuning out, it’s difficult and even jarring to force myself to tune back in. I oftentimes wonder if it’s worth it, especially when considering I’m happier and less stressed if I just let things be, embracing who I am and enjoying that peace of mind. I don’t have a large following on my blog. I don’t receive much in the way of communication from folks who read my work. The effort necessary in order to reach out to people seems an awful lot for the size of the return.

But I have made commitments to people and as much as I prefer the quiet, I have to make the effort. I always try to make good on my promises, especially when someone has invested time, energy and/or money in me. So I’m jumping back into social media and I’ll be posting again.

BTW – I’m working on Chapter 16 of Endeavor and I received an acceptance for a fifth short story as the result of my submission blitz. My goal was 6, but I still have some pending a response, so I’ll keep my fingers-crossed that I’ll receive at least one more. I’m planning a second blitz in October.


  1. David Watson said,

    I’m an introvert as well I’m usually happiest when I’m alone or with one other person. I occasionally like to go to social gatherings but trying to make conversation is work for me.

  2. Diane Tibert said,

    I enjoyed your post. I understand what you say. I’m an introvert, too. I like reading, writing, gardening, working around the farm and art. I prefer to avoid social gatherings, but force myself to go at times.

    My better days are here at home, with the kids, working around with no visitors. We move at our own pace, do our own thing and think our own normal. lol Whatever that might be at the time.

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