The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Hanna

July 8, 2013 at 11:46 pm (fantasy, Reviews, writing) (, , , , , , )

I usually reserve my reviews…or should I say “recommendations” because I don’t review things I don’t at least like in some way…for books. But movies have words too – otherwise they wouldn’t need screenwriters – so I’m going to offer up my thoughts on the movie Hanna today.

I just saw this movie, and in addition to some pretty fabulous cinematography, it was one of those stories where as a writer you grit your teeth and wish you had written it yourself while you enjoy every minute of it. It included so many of the themes that inspire me in my writing. It had powerful female characters, some beautiful scenes filmed in Finland involving reindeer and wolves, a bucket-load of fairy tale references paying homage to the Brothers Grimm, some delightful scenes set in Morocco and Spain, and a science fiction element involving children, experiments and genetic manipulation (most of you know how interested I am in those things). Oh, and there was oodles of action in just the right places to maintain excellent pacing for the story. As I watched it I was wallowing in cinematic bliss.

The protagonist was fascinating. She was skilled in many ways, exceptionally so for her age, well-learned with just the right mix of social awkwardness and curiosity to make her both interesting and a touch imperfect. She was intrigued by music, fearless, and had a freedom of spirit that some of the secondary characters admired or envied.

Now the niggler, watching with me, did have one or two mild objections regarding the action scenes. He hates the “head-twist-neck-break” manoeuvre common to many action movies that he says is “totally unrealistic” and he protested when one of the main characters did not grab a pipe as a weapon when he had the opportunity to do so (when the villain following behind him did). But otherwise, he mostly kept mum aside from agreeing with me that it was a great movie – and that says a lot.

I won’t offer up any spoilers. I’ll just finish by saying that this movie was heart-thumping exciting, mentally-stimulating, and artistically original – a rare breed in an industry that usually focuses on one of those things exclusively. It gets a big pair of thumbs up from me, and kudos especially to Seth Lochhead who wrote the story/script while in the Writing program at Vancouver Film School. This rates up there as one of my favourites.


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