Show Me Fireworks

July 4, 2013 at 10:45 pm (writing)

Guild Of Dreams

You hear it a lot in writing circles: “You have to start with an action scene or you won’t hook your audience,” “today’s reader has a short attention span so you have to keep your plot high-paced,” or how about “this generation is used to TV and movies – if your writing doesn’t compare you’ll lose them.”

I think what people want in a story depends on the individual reader, honestly, and I don’t think you can whitewash readers with a common “generation” paintbrush. I don’t believe it is necessary to open your story with Hollywood-esque explosions, a ridiculously fast car chase or a battle involving detailed and highly-precise martial arts moves. I grew up with TV and movies (I’m not *that* old) and despite my supposedly shortened attention-span I would much prefer to get to know characters before they are thrown into a big action scene. I mean, whatever…

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