A Current Endeavor – Decisions, Decisions…Argh!

July 3, 2013 at 10:59 pm (horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , , )

Some decisions are happy ones in the making – like participating in the Darlings of Decay zombie anthology. It is getting lots of great publicity and it has given me the opportunity to share in something with many other fantastic female horror writers. It’s available now on Smashwords for free!

Other decisions, I’m not so sure of. Every time I submit something somewhere, I always have to wonder if it will be at the expense of a better opportunity somewhere else, especially when I get the latest pro-rate venue telling me I made the shortlist out of 500+ submissions, but I didn’t make the final cut (yet again *sigh*).

My current dilemma is the result of such a decision. I submit regularly to a certain writing competition that I’m never likely to win because of my non-conformist ways. That being said, I give it a shot every quarter. Now I find myself in an awkward situation because of my latest submission. I just found out about a pro-rate venue looking for stories with very particular criteria that the short story I sent in to the contest actually meets. Aside from an appropriate word count for my story, they want a tale set in 1400 to 1920 – my story is a period piece set in the 1600s, they want it set in the real world – mine is set in New World Canada during the arrival of the first French colonists, they want some form of marginalized character including the disabled – my protagonist is hearing impaired, and it needs to have a supernatural component – I included a mythological monster of Native American legend from the area where the story is set. It is a *perfect* fit for the anthology, already written and ready to go.

Except it is sitting with this contest until a winner, not likely to be me, is decided. And that decision won’t happen before the July 31st deadline for the anthology.

So what do I do? I won’t submit to both places at the same time when both specify “no simultaneous submissions” so I could scrabble around to see if I can somehow retract it from the contest, if that is even an option, and then submit to the anthology. Or I could leave it be and miss what is potentially a much more likely win with the anthology.

These are the kind of decisions I hate, and they seem to come my way on a regular basis. Sad but true.

At least I have four weeks to make up my mind…


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