The Blurb on Other People’s Words – Bruce Is Back…Again

July 1, 2013 at 9:31 pm (dark fantasy, horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , , )

This is Bruce

You may recognize him because you’ve read his books or because I’ve talked about his books more than once before. He writes amazing horror short stories and I’m a fan of his Icarus Fell urban dark fantasy. (I’d say he was my favourite urban dark fantasy writer but he has yet to edge out Neil Gaiman there – sorry Bruce.)

Bruce says his goals in life include writing more novels and remaining tall, bald, and Canadian (Happy Canada Day, Bruce!)

Anyway, he has news that makes me all fidgety – so happy I might just want to run out and do a dance of joy in the rain…


Yup – that happy.

Anyway – here’s his news. Drum roll please:

Coming July 15, the third instalment in Bruce Blake’s best-selling Icarus Fell urban fantasy series, SECRETS OF THE HANGED MAN.

Icarus Fell thought the afterlife couldn’t get any worse…until Hell came looking for him.

When you are the orphaned child of a disgraced nun, and you’re saddled with a ridiculous name like Icarus Fell, you don’t expect things can go drastically downhill.

Until death comes along and an archangel recruits you for a job you screw up so badly you nearly lose your son to a demonic priest and a fallen angel.

And then, burdened by the lives lost because of your foul ups, you travel to Hell, a detour that costs you more dearly then you could ever have imagined.

No, things couldn’t get much worse in the afterlife…unless Satan sends his lap dog to bring back the one thing he thinks belongs to him.


Why couldn’t death be easy?


So take my advice, if you like urban fantasy with and edge, check out this series. Bruce is a good enough writer that he has been nominated for the eFestival of Words’ Best of the Independents Ebook Award as well as being a semi-finalist for the 2012 Kindle Book Review Indie Book of the Year (and his Khirro’s Journey trilogy was awarded the Life Changing Read Award by author/editor/blogger Ella Medler.) It may just leave you so happy you’ll want to do this:


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