A Current Endeavor – Halfway Exposed

June 29, 2013 at 4:07 pm (horror, Links, writing) (, , , , , )

As I start on Chapter 10 of Endeavor and approach the halfway point of the book, I find myself with the opportunity to garner myself some exposure. Not the kind where I remove all my clothing and dance naked in the street, although I’m sure that would draw some attention. Rather the kind where people can sample some of my work for free along with the work of several of my cohorts. I’ll be posting cover art and links after it is released on Monday, a special horror anthology where a reprint of one of my zombie stories.

I have taken advantage of this kind of opportunity before. I’ve posted free samples of my work to Scribd.com, Wattpad, the Guild of Dreams blog and this blog. I’ve contributed to several free online journals including Angie’s Diary and Moronic Ox. I’ve even had something up at Fangoria online (which has since been replaced with this year’s Weird Words finalists) – or if you prefer audio options, Horror Addicts Wicked Women Writers contest.

The only rules I apply to putting samples out there is a preference to post reprints and I never provide “exposure” samples to anyone who will be profiting from my work without paying me in one way or another (or a charity in my stead.) I think that’s a reasonable practice. Participating in a free promotional venture is one thing. Letting someone abuse the situation for their own gain is another altogether.

Submission Blitz update: A promising “maybe” unfortunately turned into a “no”. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be looking at another Submission Blitz in October…pre-NaNoWriMo.


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