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I’ve been researching improving your life by improving your way of thinking and my most recent reading has included a couple of great books to guide me on that path. I’m trying to raise my level of positivity – because I have a habit of sabotaging myself with negative thoughts when I know I can exceed my own expectations when I live more optimistically. I’ve experienced it firsthand. So here are two recommendations I have for those needing that kind of a boost.

The Power of Why by Amanda Lang

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book because Ms. Lang was a keynote speaker at this year’s CMA conference in Nova Scotia. The book discusses the importance of innovative thinking, which includes trying to recapture the type of curiosity we had as a young child before the industrial-era-developed school systems we still have place in our innovation-era world killed that curiosity. It touches on the need for divergent thought, the ability to explore many answers rather than just focussing on the one “right” answer and the freedom to fail in order to be able to create.

I love the concepts in this book as well as the case studies of a variety of innovators and examples where divergent thinking and a willingness to move beyond accepted norms allowed for new inventions that did change or may change entire industries.

My only minor complaints is that I did find the book a little repetitive in places (possibly for the sake of reinforcing important points) and I didn’t like the emphasis on competitiveness over cooperation – I guess because I have “too Canadian” a mentality.

-A very good read for someone studying business, interested in innovation or just looking for some inspirational and positive stories.

10 Gifts to Give Yourself for a Successful Life by Christina Westover

Another book filled with positive thoughts and suggestions of ways to clear the negativity from your life and to focus on the things that matter. I think most people would agree that the gifts discussed would be considered ways of making your life happier and more meaningful, including pursuing your dreams, ridding your life of toxic people, and being open to the people who can have a good influence on our lives. Most would consider these ideas common sense, but truthfully, many individuals have forgotten their importance or have just become lost in general and can use a guidebook to get themselves back on track. The author even provides avenues for applying these concepts to your daily living.

I consider this a great pick-me-up manual that I can turn to for an injection of positivity – certainly an enjoyable read.

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  1. Christina Westover said,

    I love this post. I’ve been in therapy for the past 12 years, and I’ve learned that common sense is often logically understood but not BELIEVED. The purpose of repeating this information, or contemplating it is to have the subconscious believe these positive thoughts as facts. When we believe in ourselves, we become limitless! I focus on being positive, but even so, often find myself beating myself up because of my memory issues!

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