A Current Endeavor – Revving Up

June 11, 2013 at 11:04 pm (Elevation, fantasy, Fervor, Links, Magic University, writing) (, , , , , , , , )

You would think with not one but three books soon to be released (one just out – Providence, one waiting on cover art and a few final touches, and one in final edits also waiting on cover art) I would focus all my efforts on that, but the short stories I have out in submission land don’t just go away while I’m busy. So while I rev up for releases, I have to juggle everything else that comes my way. Sometimes I drop the ball. I allowed myself to be tempted into starting a second book when halfway through reading a first one for review purposes. I ended up with two half finished books yesterday, which meant no review.

Nevertheless, even though it can be overwhelming, when I have so many things coming at me, I seem to get much more done. I’ve been tackling illustrations, a short story by request, a short story rewrite based on publisher feedback, blog posts in advance, work on a teaser tale for Prisoners of Fate and promo work. I can keep up this pace for a couple of months, but by August I’ll be needing a break – good thing I have vacation time then.

For promotion, May December Publications has a few things on the go. They have dropped the prices for print copies of books 1-3 in the Fervor series (Fervor, Elevation, Transcendence) and reduced price for Kindle version of Magic University, the intro novel of my Masters & Renegades series, to $0.99. I have my fingers crossed that folks will give my work a go. My fantasy novels have managed to win over some non-fantasy fans. I consider that a solid accomplishment.

Submission blitz update – While I did not get an official letter, I did get another rejection. The ToC was posted for one of the anthologies before all letters had been sent, and my story didn’t make the cut. “The Storyteller’s Affliction” goes back on the shelf for now.


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