A Current Endeavor – Skipped

June 6, 2013 at 11:22 pm (Reviews, writing)

You may have noticed I skipped my Monday review. I wanted to review the novel I had just finished. I struggled with this. I actually enjoyed the last two thirds of the book, but I can’t in good conscience give it a good review, and therefore, I won’t review it at all.

Don’t get me wrong. The author has a very readable writing style. Her characters and world-building were quite interesting, and even though I didn’t like the protagonist in the beginning and I felt like the story lacked a proper intro (many books do nowadays), these are not the reasons I can’t give that book a good review.

The major problem I had with the book was a terrible event, or rather series of terrible events, that happen to the protagonist who is a minor at the time. My issue with this isn’t that the situation happens in the story – these sorts of things happen in real life, unfortunately. It is not condoned behaviour in the story either. Pretending these things don’t happen doesn’t help anyone, so I don’t think it is wrong to build it into the tragic history of a character…I’ve done that much myself. No, my problem was the detail with which these events were described. It wasn’t just unnecessary; it was reprehensible in my opinion.

It is quite clear what sort of terrible things are happening to this girl without the author going into great detail. The only reason for doing so would be for the sake of shock value and/or the titillation factor and as far as I see things, considering the character’s age, that is very, very wrong. I’m surprised the book wasn’t turned away at the border. I certainly wasn’t expecting that kind of content when I bought it at a well-known bookstore chain.

I’m not going to name names or point elbows; I’m just explaining why I skipped my Monday review. I hope I never have cause to skip a review for this reason again.

Submission blitz update: I’m in the middle of a rewrite requested for one story, and I received both a rejection (for one of my weirder stories) and one new “maybe” for “In too Deep.” That’s a lot of maybes so far – hopefully a couple will turn into yeses.

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