May 28, 2013 at 9:04 pm (writing)

Guild Of Dreams

I’m stuck…I admit it. I don’t suffer from writer’s block – I’ve never experienced it – but I have suffered from a lack of drive before. I haven’t been in that place for years, aside from the odd month here and there where I just needed a break, but I’m there now. I know the industry take on things is that you have to write for you and you can’t rely on feedback from others because you can’t depend on it being there when you need it, but like it or not, that’s just the way I work. I’m energized by feedback, even if it isn’t all that positive, and I’m actually afraid to write without that push.

That’s right. Afraid. An odd confession coming from a writer. I don’t trust my own instincts when it comes to writing but I trusted my “real-life” muse implicitly. If I didn’t know…

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