Edit Fest – External Effects

May 24, 2013 at 11:15 pm (Fervor, writing) (, , , , , , , , , )

We got a glimpse of sun today, but it’s not forecast to last. The rain we’ve been having lately is a real downer. It’s hard to get excited about anything when your mood is as soggy as your surroundings. I’m starting to understand what I put my poor characters through in Providence. But they had a rainy season to contend with, whereas we have winter. How is it fair to have to endure both?

The fact is, one thing that definitely affects me and my enthusiasm for writing is my environment. If life is good, the weather is fair and I’m feeling happy, I’m going to be more productive – writing included. This year has been crappy in almost every aspect of my life and this has clearly been reflected in my level of productivity. I’ve written a handful of chapters for a novel I’m not inclined to finish and a handful of short stories – not my usual prolific output. Maybe when the sun comes out and my life brightens a little, I’ll get back to my usual self. Then again maybe not.

No news on any other stories from the submission blitz, but I may be resubmitting one of the rejects to a charity anthology. I’m just waiting on a listing of the anthology specs to find out if I have anything that would be a good match.



  1. Christina Westover said,

    I agree–weather and mood are important when writing! I love writing most in the Fall and Winter!

  2. L. Marie said,

    Yes, weather has an effect. We need the sun. Do you think you’ll move on to a different novel?

  3. chantellyb said,

    I actually started work on Endeavor this weekend and I’m writing Chapter 2. I think if I get stuck on this one, I’ll go back to Shifting the Ashes with a fresh mind.

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