Edit Fest – Oh Canada

May 23, 2013 at 11:36 pm (horror, writing) (, , , , , , , )

I got a chance to see the wonderfully creepy cover art today for the upcoming “Dead North” anthology – a collection of zombie tales set in Canada (my “Dead Drift” included) from Exile Editions. It thrills me to bits to have my stories in Canadian anthologies. This will be my second, along with the Masked Mosaic anthology from Tyche Books, and I have an acceptance I received this month for a third Canadian anthology. I am a little sad, in a strange sort of way, that it took me so long after first publication to finally work my way into things Canadian. I had multiple stories published in US and UK anthologies with a variety of small press publishers before finally reaching this particular personal goal. There are still a couple of Canadian pro-rate venues I’d really like to conquer and I may crack them yet, but so far, all I’ve had from them is a couple of maybes that didn’t turn into a “yes.” I need to keep reminding myself … baby steps.

I have to wonder why I managed to make my mark (albeit a faint one) outside my own country well before managing it here. Is it because of our smaller population base? Are the standards higher here? Do my stories have more of a US/UK cultural appeal for some reason despite my Canadian upbringing? Is speculative fiction a market that is difficult to penetrate in Canada in general – or was it just me? I honestly have no way of finding answers, so I guess I just have to shrug my shoulders and be grateful for the progress I’ve made.

No new word as a result of the submission blitz, but I’ll keep you posted. On to the last of my Providence illustrations.

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