Edit Fest – Down Time

May 22, 2013 at 11:19 pm (Elliot, Sam, writing) (, , , , , )

My best down times are my bus commutes and my lunch hours – no kids jumping up and down on me, no housework or accounting work demanding my attention and freedom to mostly do as I please. But that’s when another type of juggling act comes into play. Do I write, do I read, do I edit, do I draw…work on my blog or website…or do I socialize? It’s a tough choice. Whatever I choose is at the expense of the others.

I admit, drawing on the bus is less of an option, so if I want to draw I have to do it at home, surrounded by distractions, or sneak away at lunch. I’ve been trying to get a series of illustrations done and I have managed some at home, but I’ve also been escaping at lunch to the food court with my MP3 player and my sketch pad. I feel a little guilty when I do though. I know I should probably be spending some of that time socializing with my co-workers, but I’m being selfish with my time right now, and I do have quite a few illustrations I want to finish in the next little while.

Not much on the submission blitz update for today, other than the fact that I heard the one pro-rate venue I submitted to with only two open slots has already received over 650 submissions with more than a week before submissions close. Someone suggested I’d have a better chance of a win by buying a Powerball ticket – ah well.


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